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Get more relevant traffic with Adwords' new extension

Customer Match for Google Shopping will be launched at the end of the summer. One week later, it surprises us with a new extension for search ads. Internet users are more and more reluctant to spend their time trying to find what they are looking for.

They expect to get the solution that satisfies their occasional need by making as few queries as possible. And this is the path that follows this new update: the search ads will be able to show additional information which will include a product or servicea brief description and the price of the said product or service. The image below shows what this new extension will look like. It will consist on a title, a visible URL and two description lines, plus multiple rows (from 3 up to 8) which will provide information about our most popular products or services.


From the point of view of our potential customers, this new extension has a huge advantage: it is really comfortable and easy for them to get the most important information they require to know if what we offer suits them or not.

Moreover, there is no need for them to enter all the websites that may seem interesting, they can make up their mind without leaving the search results page. From the point of view of the advertisers, there are also some advantages that must not be overlooked.

Firstly, this option will help us increase our visibility and make our ad more attractive to users (this is a general feature of the extensions). Furthermore, thanks to this update, advertisers will get more relevant clicksWe are always looking for new customers, since the users that land on our website are well informed and really interested in either our products or services.

The new price extension will be available over the coming days. It can only be created in English and it will only be shown on mobile text ads, in the first position at this time.

For further information, you can always check the AdWords Help Center out.]]>

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