Google Ads Editor 1.0 A new version is born!


Why should we update Google Ads Editor to version 1.0?

First of all, if you notice, with this new version we are putting an end to the old nomenclature. The editor completely sheds its "last name" Adwords and renamed Google Ads Editor.

However, this is a trifle compared to the great new features of the new version!

1. Management of a multitude of accounts

Now we can use several accounts at the same time and open their campaigns in the same window.

2. A simplified and much more visual interface

Google has simplified the editing process. Its new design is simple and visual, reducing the elements to achieve a faster tool.

3. In Video Ads

Google Ads Editor Version 1.0 supports in-stream ad campaigns that cannot be skipped.

4. New customized rules

  • Warns if there are no responsive ads in an ad group. (when there is at least one expanded text ad)
  • In video if it is not directed to Google Partners. (If it is not a Trueview for action campaign)
  • If a video campaign with a start and end date has a daily budget.

Adding custom rules in the Editor

5. New column: Ad Effectiveness

In the adaptable advertisements, we can see this column to know the quality level of it. By placing the cursor on this score, we will know how to improve, of course! Only for the English version.

6. Maximize conversions' strategy

(Previously unavailable) for Display, Trueview for Action and Smart Display campaigns.

7. In Applications campaigns

  • It allows you to use ROAS strategy, maximize conversions and CPA.
  • The optimization objective 'Value of the share in the application' can be used in conjunction with CPA.

8. Campaigns 'Bumper become video

With manual CPM bidding strategy. Or alternatively, target CPM, which allows you to add in-stream ads in these campaigns.

9. Intelligent Display Segmentation

In our opinion, one of the most interesting. And even the one that makes us hopeful for a future possible management in Smart Shopping in the future.

Segmentation allows both the inclusion and exclusion of audiences.

Intelligent Display Segmentation

10. SMS extensions

Finally, previously not included in the Google Ads Editor.

Are you still thinking about it? From Geotelecom, we have no doubt with the Ads Editor Version 1.0, there is unanimity! Here is the link to download it

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