Optimize your time. Use Google Ads Editor.

A few weeks ago, my colleague Estefania published an article on post about what's new in the new version of Google Ads Editor offers us. This has made us whether we are really taking full advantage of this tool.the answer is No. We are immersed in the intelligent automation in campaignsWe forget an important way to save time.

Want to optimize your campaign editing time with Google Ads Editor? Read on.

When starting work, you must download in the editor those accounts you need to work with. The first time you download an account in Google Ads Editor you will be asked to authenticate your access through the Google browser where you are logged in. You will only have to copy the code that will open in the browser and paste it in the pop-up screen of the Editor.


Download your accounts on a single screen

You can select multiple accounts for downloading at the same timeand that they can also be manage from the same screen.

Once you have your accounts downloaded, you can begin to massively edit. Here you have the possibility to perform offline operations, much faster as you don't have to save, publish and change pages. The Editor allowse make changes to several campaigns at the same time from a single view..

Schedule the download of changes made to Google Ads

If there is one important thing you have to remember, it is that each time you enter the accounts through the editor you must download the changes again you have made in the Google Ads panel. The Editor offers you the solution of being able to schedule downloads of your modifications. In the top menu under Consult recent changes, you have the option to run the download of recent changes or to run the program operation.

Modify the configuration of campaigns massively

It is possible to edit many campaigns at once to massively change their settings. You must select all the campaigns you want to edit, and proceed to fill out all the fields that will appear empty in the Panel of Edition. The modifications will be applied to all campaigns. You do not need to save, any data you edit is automatically saved.

Copying part of the structure of the campaigns to other campaigns.

If, on the other hand, you have to modify the configuration of only some of the campaign sections, you have the possibility of Copy structure of one of the well optimized campaignsand paste the sections you want to copy.

Duplicate campaigns, groups or ads and modify copys and URLs massively

You can visit massively change, replace or substitute copys of your ads. If you need to duplicate an ad group for a special promotion it is as easy as selecting the ad groups, copy and paste into the selected campaign. Now you will be able to prepare ads for special promotions much faster. Use Replace o Add textas well as the change of massive URLs.

Copy campaigns from one account to another

You also have another good solution, when you need copy an entire structure, or part of the campaigns from one account to another you can use Google Ads Editor. It is very easy, since you only need to have created the two accounts, select and copy what you want, and paste in the other account. This option is not possible from the Google Ads panel, but you will not have any problem if you do it from here.
That's right, in the Shopping campaigns you replicate, the country of sale and the Merchant Center feed you have chosen cannot be changed.. So if you are going to use the shopping campaigns for a different country it is not very useful.

Remember! Post your changes when you are done

I hope these tips will help you manage your accounts and optimize your time, so that you can devote more time to analysis and consulting. But remember one thing, Publishes your changes or all your work will have been for nothing. You can publish all the changes that have been made to the account, or only those campaigns that interest you at any given time.
You are ready to use Google Ads Editor, sign in now! Click to access Google Ads Editor.
P.S. Soon we will publish another post with more utilities and resources from the Editor, don't miss it!

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