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Google Adwords training course

Face-to-face training course in Google Adwords. The course will be developed for a maximum of 10 people from March 10 to 14 from 16:00h. to 20:30h. 4 hours a day with a 30 min. break (total 20 hours).

Addressed to: People who work in Marketing and who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and tools of Google Adwords. Professionals from any field who are interested in evolving and understanding the important changes that the Internet is causing in Marketing strategies. People who are thinking of creating their own digital marketing company and have the necessary resources to manage it successfully. Anyone who is enthusiastic about learning one of the new professions currently in high demand.


Imparts: Jorge Arias Izquierdo.   CEO of Geotelecom. Only official agency Google Partner in Castilla y León. His entire working life has revolved around marketing, highlighting his experience of almost 10 years in the creation and management of Google Adwords Campaigns. Google has recently named him "Outstanding Member". of the Official Google Adwords Community for Spain and Latin America.

Venue: i3COM Burgos. Camino de la Plata Shopping Center. Avd. de Castilla y León, 22 . Access FEC top floor (Burgos) Price 295 , 50 ¤ bonus for unemployed persons and students (Final price: 245 ¤) A coupon will be given to each attendee who requests it, for which Google will match the first month's advertising investment up to a maximum of 150 ¤.

Course syllabus:

01. Introduction to AdWords Acquire the basic concepts of search engine marketing and the AdWords platform.

  • Google AdWords Ad Serving: Overview
  • How AdWords works
  • Enrich your online advertising vocabulary
  • Difference between Google search results and ads.
  • What should be monitored according to advertising objectives?
  • How are costs calculated in AdWords?
  • Ad position and ranking basics

02. Account Management Set up your AdWords account and manage it to achieve your goals.

  • How to navigate through your AdWords account
  • Changing account settings
  • How to set the currency and time zone
  • Changing AdWords login information
  • Description of alerts and notifications
  • How to organize the account to obtain good results

03. Administration of ad groups and campaigns Develop, publish and manage your search ad campaigns.

  • How to organize campaigns and ads in your account
  • How to create your advertising campaign
  • How to choose the right type of campaign for you
  • Choose geographic and language settings
  • How to choose the bid and budget
  • How to choose an advertisement publishing method
  • Basic concepts of campaign status
  • How to create and manage multiple campaigns

04. Keyword segmentation Choose effective keywords that contribute to the success of your campaign strategy. How to get the most out of your keywords

  • How keywords work
  • How to use keyword matching options
  • Use of broad concordance
  • How to use phrase matching
  • How to use exact match
  • Add negative keywords to your campaign
  • How to create the best keyword list
  • Keyword status basics

Keywords and Display Network

  • How locations and keywords interact
  • How to choose keywords for Display Network campaigns
  • How to improve keywords in the Display Network
  • Get ideas for creating negative keyword lists and location exclusions

05. Geographic and language segmentation Take advantage of powerful geo-targeting tools to advertise globally and locally.

  • Choose geographic and language settings
  • How to target ads to geographic locations
  • Exclusion of ads in a specific geographic location
  • How ads relate to geographic locations
  • Basic concepts on the coverage of advertisements
  • How to better define the geographic location
  • Types of geographic segmentation by country
  • Advanced location options
  • How to set the ad targeting language

06. Ad formats Explore the variety of media options for your ads: text, video and mobile. How to create your ads.

  • Static image ads
  • Tips for creating effective text ads
  • Components of a text ad
  • How to create static image ads of different sizes
  • How to use AdWords to create video ads
  • Types of mobile ads
  • How to enhance your ad with extensions
  • How to show ads with recommendations from Google+ page
  • How to choose an ad format

How to manage your ads

  • Relevance, clarity and accuracy
  • Google advertising principles
  • Basic concepts of the status of an advertisement
  • How to check the approval status of the advertisement
  • Announcements held and approval process
  • Checking and understanding the quality level

07. Budgets and bids Manage your advertising spend with effective bidding and smart budgeting. Introduction to budgeting

  • How to set a budget for your campaign
  • Reasons why costs can exceed your daily budget
  • How to avoid running out of your daily budget

Introduction to the bidding system

  • Basic concepts about offers
  • How to determine a bidding strategy based on your objectives
  • How to adjust keyword bids
  • How to choose an appropriate bid amount
  • Cost per click offers
  • Enhanced cost per click (ECPC)
  • Cost per thousand impressions offers
  • How to choose a bid for your Display Network campaign

08. Measurement and optimization Evaluate results and adjust your campaigns to increase ROI. AdWords measurement overview

  • Measuring return on investment (ROI)
  • Measuring traffic to your website
  • How to measure brand awareness
  • How to measure sales and conversions
  • How to set up conversion tracking
  • Conversion tracking basics

Basic concepts of optimization

  • Overview of key tips to improve AdWords performance
  • Description of the landing page experience
  • Keyword optimization tools and strategies

09. Performance, profitability and growth Increase the life cycle value of your account and improve your profit margin.

  • Budget expansion based on performance
  • Growing a profitable campaign
  • Basic concepts of performance-based offerings
  • Selection of metrics to maximize benefits
  • Achieving profitability
  • Understanding the impact of the budget on profits
  • Basic concepts of online budget strategy

10. Administration of several accounts Use My Client Center to manage a large account, multiple clients or multiple administrators.

  • How to create a My Customer Center account
  • Using My Customer Center
  • Basics of My Client Center (MCC) access levels
  • About the CQI panel
  • Administration of a large account or several accounts

Annexes Basic principles about the official Google Adwords certification. Information about the exams. Tips on how to take the exams. Attendance to the exams for those who want to take them.

Registration: by mail at info@geotelecom.es or by filling out the form of the web here]]>

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