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Bumper Ads Google ad

Google announces Bumper AdsThe new format of video ads specifically for mobile devices will be available from May and will have a duration of only 6 seconds. The Internet giant assures that users between 18 and 49 years old use smartphones as the predominant device to connect to the network.

It is the change in information consumption habits through the Internet that has led the company to continue expanding the range of advertisements it offers in the market.

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads will be a video ad format, with a very short duration that will force agencies to develop their creativity in order to synthesize the information and transmit their message in such a short space of time.

Due to the intrinsic difficulty of communicating in only 6 seconds of duration, Google recommends in the announcement of presentation of this type of ads made on April 26th through its corporate blog that this type of ads be combined with a longer campaign.

At Geotelecom, we believe that, for example, coordinating this type of advertisement "Bumper Ads"An aggressive display strategy segmented by location or keywords, for example, could generate a good opportunity to build a branding strategy that will bring huge benefits to the company.

Another good combination strategy might be to synchronize advertising in Google Shopping with specific Bumper Ads for each product. This would be a good way to do Remarketing and retarget users who have already shown interest in one of our products. As you can see, in Geotelecom We are already thinking about how we could make use of this type of ads to achieve the best results.

What other types of campaigns or ads do you think it would be interesting to combine Bumper Ads with?

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