Google Cloud Next '18: What's New in G Suite

Google's most important cloud-related event is taking place in San Francisco this week: Google Cloud Next '18. The main novelties focus on two aspects: Artificial Intelligence (IA) and cybersecurity. On the one hand, the introduction of AI in G Suite through intelligent responses and grammatical suggestions. On the other, the improvement of security, control and prevention functions for company administrators.

The objective of the Mountain View giant is to bet on the future projection of these tools, reinforcing its services and providing its users with access to a system governed by its three "S's": security, smart y simplicity (security, intelligence and simplicity).

Google Suite

Artificial Intelligence in G Suite

If we already had the possibility of incorporating intelligent responses in Gmail, from the next few weeks it will also be available in the Hangouts chat. This will be possible thanks to a version of the automatic processing tool based on Smart Reply. The system will be able to recognize messages that require a reply and will propose three response options similar to how we would do it ourselves, allowing an informal language but according to the work environment.

Another new feature that will be available in the coming weeks is related to the autocomplete mails function. Smart ComposeSmart Compose, which was already mentioned during this year's Google I/O developers' conference, offers the possibility of autocompleting emails in terms of greetings and farewells as well as in terms of commonly used phrases or personalized information to speed up the writing process and save time. However, the most relevant aspect is that Smart Compose learns over time and will eventually detect the type of language or phrases common in conversations with certain people so that the autocomplete responses are as close as possible to natural ones.

Also announced during the first day of Google Cloud Next was the addition of new grammar suggestions in Google Docs based on machine learning. Not only does it offer spelling and grammar corrections, but it is now capable of detecting sentence composition errors and correcting them.

Safety first

Earlier this year, Google had already introduced the Security Center for G Suite in an attempt to simplify security management for enterprises. This center brings together security analytics, valuable information and best practice recommendations to guide enterprises in protecting themselves, their data and their users.

Now, Google has also introduced a research tool to add functions on the previous level: prevention and detection. This makes it possible to identify potentially infected users, check whether something has been shared externally, and remove access to Drive files or delete malicious emails.

In addition, the support for regions The data storage system allows companies to choose where their data is hosted in Europe or the USA. This information can be moved if the company so desires, without any problems of availability or accessibility.

After learning about these new features, we can only wait for them to be available for testing. And you, what do you think about them? Leave us your comment below.
You can consult this information in more depth in the Google Blog.

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