Google Premier Partner Awards 2016 Dublin

Just one week ago we had the honor to participate in the Google Partners Accelerate in Dublin. The reason for this participation was the nomination for the Google Premier Partner Awards a best Google Shopping agency in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), thanks to the great results achieved throughout the year in terms of sales volume generated, profitability and strategies used.

Fernando and I (Raul) went on behalf of the agency, and since I am writing to you in first person about the experience I must say that it was incredible. On Sunday 4th we arrived early in the morning at the hotel and from the very first moment we could see what awaited us ahead, with a great organization of the Google team in its booth at the reception desk.

The room did not disappoint, but even less so the networking We were able to introduce ourselves, exchange impressions and meet other colleagues in the profession: Greeks, Turks, Italians, English, Portuguese... and of course, other colleagues from Spanish agencies, of whom we have great memories and with whom we will surely meet again in the near future.

Monday was the day we were all waiting for, as that night would be the long-awaited awards gala, but before that we had a very productive and interesting day ahead of us. First of all, first thing in the morning, we had the option of attending yoga classes...but our sheets got stuck to us! After breakfast time we headed to The FoundryWe went to the Google Dublin offices, where we spent a morning and afternoon of inspiring presentations by great professionals.

Without a doubt, all of them could be summarized as the imminent importance to be given to mobile, video and virtual reality in the world of digital marketing. All the talks were enlivened with breaks in which we could enjoy a delicious catering, there was no lack of food or coffee!

At 16:00 the event ended and we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the final gala. The dinner was held at The Mansion HouseAnd I can assure you that in the photos that we will include at the end of this post you can not fully admire the decoration and how incredible the evening was. After the dinner, the awards ceremony began, in which unfortunately neither we nor any other Spanish agency managed to pass as a nominee, but without a doubt the mere fact of having been part of this event is prize enough.

In any case we can guarantee that we will continue working and improving day by day throughout the year to be nominated again in the next edition, and why not, bring the award home. Before showing you some of the memories photographed these days, we want to take this opportunity to thank the entire Google team (organization and agency support) for the nomination and recognition of our work, all our customers for trusting us and continue growing together, and all the Geotelecom team for the daily effort to do things well and enjoy our work. We hope to be there again next year!


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