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Google Shopping Ads: Introduction

One of the greatest pleasures we have in our agency is to generate sales and profitability to our clients, to the ecommerce, and therefore we specialize in Google Shopping.
We are going to explain briefly what Google Shopping ads look like and the elements they contain.
First of all, for those who still don't know what it is, let's define what Google Ads Search Shopping ads are and what they look like when they are displayed on Google's search engine.
This is a type of advertisement that goes beyond simple text. They offer very relevant product information to the user performing the search: the name/title, which sometimes includes the brand and model of the product; a photo accompanying the text along with a price; the online store that sells it and also includes extensions such as product reviews. (stars)free shipping and in the countries where it is enabled, offer and/or promotion of the product.
Therefore, the main advantage for the user is that he has a lot of relevant information about the searched product before he clicks, so that the user has a lot of information about the product he is looking for. traffic generated for the advertiser to the online store is highly qualified. Shopping ads can be displayed in:

  • Searches performed in the Google search engine.
  • In Google's own comparator: Google Shopping.
  • On web pages that contain an embedded content search engine associated with Google, known as Google partners.
  • On the Google Display Network, other websites that allow Google to display graphical ads (banners) through Dynamic Remarketing, as well as on YouTube.

When the ads are shown in Google SERP after the user performs the search, they are can be presented in the following formats:

  • In format slider below the main Google menu and just above the text ads or/and the organic results. This type of format is the traditional one where Google has hosted Shopping ads.

Traditional format of Google Shopping ads in the SERP.

  • On the right side next to the search network text ads and organic results. This type of ads is the modern format of displaying them.

Modern format of Google Shopping ads in the SERP.
First of all, to create Shopping campaigns in Google Ads and the ads, we have to take into account that to be able to carry out this type of campaign it is necessary to hosting a data feedThe product catalog of our merchant, in the Google Merchant Center platform.
Merchant Center is a tool that helps you to upload your store, brand and product data and make it available for Shopping Ads and other Google services. To advertise your items on Google, you need to create an account with Merchant Center.
This catalog or data feed contains the attributes of each product (title, description, price, landing page, image, brand, gtin, size, color, etc.) and it will determine the language and country in which the ads will be published. I leave you a link to google help where it specifies which attributes are to be used and whether they are mandatory or not.
It is important to keep in mind that the quality level of shopping ads is largely determined by the data feed. From the attributes that make up the data feed some of the fields are mandatory and others are optional. The more attributes we have filled in, the more optimized it is and the more refined it is in all its fields, the easier it will be for Google spiders to index the product and the easier it will be to position it.
Among all the attributes, and taking into account that each one has its importance, function and relevance, we are going to highlight the GTIN, because GTIN is the KING. The GTIN is the global number of a commercial item, which is used to uniquely identify any product or item for which there is a need to obtain specific information and to which a price must be assigned. As it is a unique identifier, it is used by Google to categorize and identify a series of items, as well as to group in its comparator the sellers that market the same product, since they contain in their data feeds the same identification number in the GTIN attribute.
Example of how sellers are displayed within the Google Shopping comparator when the products they sell contain the same GTIN.GTIN in Google Comparator => Shopping
The GTIN is not mandatory for the following products:

  • Store brand products.
  • Spare parts.
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or OEM replacement parts.
  • Custom-made products (personalized t-shirts, artwork and handmade products).
  • Books published before the ISBN was approved as an ISO standard in 1970.
  • Vintage or antique products.
  • Pre-order products (which is indicated in the condition attribute).

As of September 30, 2010, a new law will come into effect. major update on the implementation of unique product identifiers (UDIs) which will mainly affect GTINs.
Finally, we will tell you that Google Shopping ads also show automatic extensions. Today there are several different types:

  • Free shipping.
  • Product ratings (by means of stars).
  • Seller ratings (within Shopping, from Google's own comparator).
  • Promotional extensions, only available in certain countries. Not in Spain.

Automatic Extensions in Google Shopping Ads for Rating and Free Delivery
To be displayed "Free Shipping" in the Shopping ad it is necessary that the shipping costs are equal to 0, which can be configured in the data feed in the attribute Shipping or by configuring the shipments in Merchant Center. It is not valid to leave the field Shipping blank in the data feed.
In order for the vendor ratings and product ratings to be displayed is necessary to have it implemented with a service provider that is a Google partner or it can be done through the free program of Google Customer Reviews.
And for the promotion extension we must generate and host a promotions feed in Merchant Center that will create an automatic extension and show the discount or special offer corresponding to each product. To activate it, it is necessary to fill out a form. It should be remembered and kept in mind that it is only available for Australia, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. We discussed this topic in a previous blog entry which you can consult for further information if you are interested, as we hope it will soon be available in Spain.

How promotions generated through a google shopping promotions feed are displayed
Example of Automatic Promotions Extensions in Google Shopping.

Please note that not all extensions are shown. Google chooses one of them according to its relevance and importance for the user.
This is just a brief introduction, a small appetizer of what the world of Google Shopping is all about. In future posts we will explain all the bidding strategies that we can implement in our campaigns, as well as how to work and optimize them.
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