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Managing Google Shopping is something you can do yourself, with knowledge about your sector, your sales data, user behavior on your website and knowing who your buyer persona is.. However, you also need a Google Shopping specialist, up-to-date with all the news and with enough experience to guide and advise you.

Consulting will allow you to achieve a better specialization, it will help you optimize the results of your campaigns with greater professionalization. You will be able to mark your profitability and investment objective and we will help you create the best strategy to achieve your objective, we will be with you to help you review and explain how to improve the campaigns.

We advise you and help you with all the management in Google Shopping

We can help you with:

  • The structure of manual campaigns,optimizing results according to data obtained by analyzing what works best.
  • The rankingof your campaigns to differentiate the sales and user objectives, according to their stages.
  • The development of aremarketingand full funnel strategy.
  • The implementation ofsmart biddingaccording to the optimization of campaigns
  • The creation ofsmart campaignsto achieve advanced profitability objectives.
  • The proposal of strategies for seasonal periods that will allow to improve the results.
  • Theimplementation of scripts to automate processes, which allow reducing management time and greater optimization.

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