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Graphic design plays an essential role in the success of marketing strategies. marketing automation by making content more engaging and effective for the target audience. These tasks help to ensure that campaigns are visually consistent and engaging, which can significantly improve conversion rate and user engagement. Some of the tasks related to graphic design that are developed in the department are:

Services we offer

Creation of banners and graphic ads

We design all the banners to make your online advertising campaigns a success, such as display ads or remarketing.

Development of visual content for RRSS

We can create graphics, infographics or images for RRSS publications and make them part of your automated strategy.

Automated email design

We create your attractive and personalized mailing templates to be sent automatically as part of MKA's strategic plan.

Report design

We design your most visual reports to show key campaign metrics, which will facilitate data-driven decision making.

Interactive content design

We create animated infographics or visual surveys among others, which will be used to increase user participation.

Design for webinars, infographics, etc.

We create the visual material for webinars and infographics. The cool infographics that appear on our LinkedIn? Indeed, ours!

Visual customization

We make sure that the visual content is customizable, so that it can be adapted to different audience segments and project stages.

Web design via inlines

With the help of Connectif, we can create complete web pages by means of inlines, and make your website look just as cool as you imagined it.

Visual A/B testing

We perform A/B tests with different visual elements in order to determine which ones generate better results in automated campaigns.

Tools we use

In our daily work we use professional graphic design tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, to ensure that all our designs are of the highest quality. We also adapt them to different platforms and devices, to guarantee a good visual experience.

We enhance your campaigns with more visual designs

We make sure that make your ads more attractive and capture the attention of users, while maintaining a solid consistency in your marketing strategy.

Our goal is to make sure that your Social Ads campaigns are more than just images; we want them to stand out and be true to your brand image.

We work hand in hand with you to get to know your objectives and your audience, so that we can we make sure that the creativities we carry out are in line with the image you wish to project.

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