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Google Analytics Basics Guide

Last week our colleague Maria published a post about creating and using Analytics custom dashboards and reports.
Today we bring you a Google Analytics Basics Guide where you can find from the most basic configuration of the platform to the creation of customized alerts.
It highlights features such as:

1. Objectives:

Objective = Conversion
Goals are actions that have been performed and completed by a user on your website or application.
They are configured at the view level within the "Administration" section and can be applied to specific pages visited by users, events or the duration of their stay on the website.
They can be of 4 types:

 - Destination: A specific location

         - Duration: Sessions that last a certain time or longer.

 - Pages/Screens per session: Whether the user views a specific number of pages or screens.

 - Event: An action defined as an event is triggered.


Once the objectives have been configured, we can see graphically the evolution of the visitors until the conversion with the conversion funnel graph.

Conversion funnel

The use of objectives is a practice that serves to know and analyze the situation of your website. Highly recommended to obtain all the important information of the web within Analytics.

2. Time lapse:

The report Time lapse counts the number of days that have passed from the first ad impression to the conversion.

It is located in the "Conversions" section in the "Multichannel funnels" section. It gives us information about the product cycle, although as with other reports, if the user changes the device or deletes the cookies from the website, the history is lost and the report loses its value.

Time lapse
Time lapse

It is very useful to know how long it takes the user to make a purchase decision. This information is very useful when creating audiences to re-engage users on your website.

3. Customized Alerts:

It is a great way to be aware when something unusual occurs in the account without having to log in to the platform.

Its operation is very simple, we just have to decide what kind of metrics are relevant to our website, configure the alert and when there is a significant change, Google Analytics will send us a notification.

Personalized alerts

Do you want to know how to create targets and interesting types of alerts?
Download our Google Analytics Guide


Customize Analytics: create your own reports and dashboards.

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