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Facebook Ads: Definitive guide to the new interface

April 2019, Facebook has set out to surprise us with a new interface and there are already some privileged creating Facebook campaigns from this new platform.
Many of us have been waiting for a long time for the improvement of this Facebook Manager interface The new features that we are going to find and that are supposed to facilitate the work of the managers of Facebook Ads.

What's new in the new Facebook Ads interface:

Redesign of the ad manager:

From now on the interface of the Facebook ad manager, will have new features including: a greatly improved browsing experience, integrated search and filter function, and a dynamic action bar:

  1. New navigation experience.

    1. The "Campaign", "Ad Set" and "Ad" tabs will be switched to the "Campaign" and "Ad" tabs. navigation sidebar on the left side of the table. Screenshot of the new Facebook Ads sidebar
    2. You can now view your campaigns, ad sets and advertisements in a single tableThis will allow you to see everything at a glance without having to go from one tab to another.Screenshot of the new Facebook Ads interface
    3. New parallel view: You will be able to interact and edit simultaneously in the main table and in the graphs. Replacing the editing tray and collapsible reports.

      Screenshot of the double screen of the Facebook Ads interface.

  2. Additional functions in the new administrator.

    1. New combined search and filter barThis allows you to use search terms to find ads, sets and campaigns.Capture of search bar by filters
    2. Now in the dynamic action bar only the most frequently used actions are shown and hides those with little use in a drop-down menu.
  3. New design of notifications.

    •  They will be divided into 4 categories: "All", "accounts", "advertisements" and "pages".The system will also have tabs and alerts that can be customized according to your priorities and those of your business.

      Screenshot of the new Facebook Ads notification menu

  4. On behalf of" function.

    • Through this function, the agencies and partners of the marketing of Facebook can specify which accounts use on behalf of other businesses.
  5. Video performance card.

    • This function of reports show results on videos and the percentage of views that occur during the first 60 seconds. In this way, we will be able to check at what point users abandon the video or if they are reaching the moment when the key content of your ad is shown.
  6. New format "Single image or video".

    • Now, single image ads, single video and presentation, have been unified in a single format to improve organization, creation and editing.
  7. New "Copy and paste" function.

    •  Di "bye-bye" to doubling and sets, and start copying and pasting them. at any level. Previously, if you wanted to add an ad or a set of ads to other campaigns, you had to work on duplicates individually, which was quite tedious. Now you can copy (Ctrl+C) y paste (Ctrl+V) multiple ads in up to 20 ad sets, and the same for pasting sets within campaigns, which will save you valuable time. To do this, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut, click on "duplicate" in the toolbar or in the edit tray itself. Once clicked, you will see a section called "clipboard" which includes the following options "copy" , "paste" y "view copied items".

If you're not convinced by these new changes, Facebook gives you the possibility of continuing to use the old interface. Simply select the "Switch to previous version" option in the upper left corner. WARNING: This option is not available in all versions. will only be temporary so we'd better get used to it.
And youAre you already using the new interface?
 What do you think about these changes and developments?

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