How not to fail with your e-commerce this Black Friday

Black Friday is a very good time to attract the attention of recurring customers but it is also a good opportunity to publicize your ecommerce and attract new customers. In these dates, standing out with your offers among a large number of competitors is not an easy task... Attracting users to the website with our offers so that they end up leaving the page is one of the biggest challenges. 

In this guide you will find a series of recommendations and tips from our Business Intelligence so that the user experience on your website is optimal during this period. 

Have specific landings or urls for Black Friday

We must have specific landings or urls for the event with clarity of content and an optimized infrastructure for the best possible performance.

Improve the speed of your website

Smoothness when navigating will depend on the loading speedTherefore, it is important to take into account that an increase in traffic is expected and to make sure that it is optimized to support it.

Use informative banners

It is important that the banners The information available on the event will have the essential information about the event, such as how many days the promotion will last and what it consists of, on which products it applies and what the shipping costs and delivery times are.

Make payment methods clear

As for the payment methods We can say that a high percentage of users who abandon a website without buying do so because they do not feel secure payment methods. That is why it is essential to transmit confidence with their security certificates and to make the available payment methods clear and visible from the beginning.

Take care of the reviews

The opinions are also a significant factor to take into account since the user compares and pays a lot of attention to the experience of other buyers. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to take care of the service offered in order to have good opinions and not lose sales because of it. 

Have the chat always available

We must always facilitate the conversation with the user so that he feels listened to and thus guide and accompany him in the purchase process.

Taking into account that an increase in traffic is expected, we can anticipate that many more messages and questions will surely arrive. In order to be able to face this situation with solvency, it is necessary to have a good support and a good customer service tool or chatThe staff could even be increased for this task if necessary.

Optimize product sheets

We went on to talk about the product sheets and everything that surrounds them. First of all we must take into account that the images must be of good quality to transmit confidence once again. This will also increase if the product sheets have two or more images. In the product descriptions should appear the measures, the capacity they have and all the aspects that the product requires in a clear and simple way.

Increases sales through cross-selling

Another strategy that works very well to increase the average order value generally but is also applied on Black Friday are cross-promotions known as "cross-promotions". Cross selling. In the product card, it is necessary to offer the user complementary products to the one he is looking at, as this is beneficial because apart from increasing sales, it is a good way to give visibility to the rest of the product catalog. 

Optimize your web search engine

It is estimated that between 30 and 40% of users will use search engines to speed up the search process, so it is essential that we have a search engine that is fast, simple and delivers the search results expected by the user. 

The main task of the search engine should be to enrich the user's experience and shopping process. There is nothing worse than having managed to attract the user to our website and then finding a "no results" message, so it is very important to work on search engine optimization. 

  1. Work on synonyms: Users may search for the same product with different words, so it is important to make a previous analysis to relate terms that may be similar to each other. 
  2. Offer search suggestions:  It is very important that as the user performs the search, suggestions are displayed. 
  3. Last searches performed: Shoppers usually perform searches in the weeks before black friday, save products in the favorites section and even add them to the shopping cart. Therefore, a search engine that offers the latest searches performed by the user streamlines the shopping process and improves the user experience on our site. 
  4. Real-time popular searches and products with promotions: During these dates it is very important to facilitate the most common searches, for which it is essential to see in real time and in the foreground the most demanded products or those items with special promotions. 

A shipping and return policy with no surprises

A clear shipping and returns policy is important to convince the consumer to place an order in your e-commerce, but also to ensure that customers are satisfied after the purchase. 

  1. Informs about shipping deadlines: During Black Friday, delivery agencies have high shipping volumes, so it is advisable to extend delivery times, as well as to warn customers of possible delays. If you are able to offer good products at a good price, consumers are usually willing to buy anyway. The important thing in these cases is clarity and no last-minute surprises.
  2. Visible return policiesA common mistake is not to visibly display the return policy. Almost 90% of Spanish consumers consult the return policy before making a purchase. 
  3. Simple returns: Try not to waste too much time with returns, it is important to automate them as much as possible by using return portals. In short, make it easy for the customer... Extend your return policy during these dates and offer free returns whenever possible, this will be a key advantage for your online store.
  4. Free shipping. Try as much as possible to offer free shipping costs, as it is one of the main reasons that makes a user abandon the cart. It is not always possible, so at least try to be transparent and show these costs throughout the purchase process. On the other hand, it could be interesting to play with the average ticket of your website. It is estimated that 73% of Spanish consumers would add another product to the cart in order to reach the minimum amount of free shipping. 

How can we improve the conversion rate in the checkout of our website during Black Friday?

It has a guest checkout process

Approximately 25% of users abandon the purchase process when they are forced to register. If only registered users can process the purchase on your website, it would be better to implement the option to pay as a guest or unregistered user. This way, by reducing the checkout process by one step, you will facilitate the purchase process, which will improve your conversion rate. 

Reduces the number of steps required to complete the order

According to several studies on conversion rates, a 4 step checkout works better than a one step checkout. It is important that you try to review your checkout, order your questions and group them in steps until you get a clear and agile process for the user. 

It is also important that the order summary is always visible, so that buyers can always check that their basket is correct before finalizing the payment.

Offer multiple payment options to your customers

Try to offer as many payment methods as possible, don't just stick to card payment. Do you have a high average ticket on your website? Analyze it and offer customized payment solutions, such as payment in installments, BNPL or financing. Do you sell in other countries? Analyze where your e-commerce sales are made from and offer the most popular payment methods in each country. In short, the more options you offer the user, the more likely you are to close a sale. 

Offers multiple shipping options

It is important to plan logistics for these dates, as we have already mentioned that, given the saturation, it is possible that the transport may take longer to arrive. An effective way to avoid missing the delivery time is to work with more than one carrier. 

By combining different shipping agencies you will be able to offer different shipping options and this is the best way to increase your conversion rate and customer loyalty. Whenever possible, allow the customer to choose where and when they wish to receive their package to maximize the success of the delivery. 

Back up with a payment gateway such as Back up

It is not the first time that due to an increase in the volume of requests payment gateways suffer unexpected crashes. To avoid this during peak traffic seasons, it is advisable to implement a second payment gateway as a back up to cover our backs. Having two payment systems on the web is possible and easy to implement in most CMSs.

Did you get the user to process their order? Good job, but it doesn't end here...

Reports package status through personalized tracking emails

Any customer after placing an order wants to know at all times the status of the order and to be able to locate it easily. Many websites comply with this by offering follow-up emails, however they do not work on the personalization of these emails as they are managed directly by the delivery company. Do not miss this opportunity and use your follow-up emails to build customer loyalty or sell more through these emails A discount coupon on your next purchase, a link to your social profiles where you can share the shopping experience? The options are endless... 

Optimize your return policy for these dates

Try not to waste too much time with returns, it is important to automate them as much as possible using return portals, web forms and a good customer service system. In short, make it easy for the customer... Extend your return policy during these dates and offer free returns whenever possible, this will be a key advantage for your online store.

These are some of the recommendations that will help you get the most out of your online store during these days. Do not hesitate to contact with us if you need help with your digital strategy for the final stretch of the year and the Christmas campaign in your e-commerce. 

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