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How to take advantage of the Blog in your E-commerce

A blog may seem like a filler tool on a website, whether it is an e-commerce or a leads website. But its mission goes far beyond that. The implementation of the blog helps to generate interest in our customers, benefits the loyalty process and boosts traffic to the website.


Why have a blog in an online store?

We have to think that the blog is useful for connect with internet usersgiving answers to many of your questions. In addition, it will serve to keep informed about all the company's news, which reinforces the brand image of the business. But writing blog posts is not easy, you must have a professional content writer who knows how to search for topics of interest to customers, as well as how to use appropriate terms and tone.

In today's post we will talk about why work with a blog for your business and what it can bring to you.


Advantages of professional blogging


Add value to the communication strategy


The blog adds value to the communication strategyhow? by maintaining a direct and internal relationship with our customersreal or potential customers. Social networks have revolutionized the way in which companies communicate with their customers, but this is no excuse for continuing to establish an internal link. This connects the internal communication strategy (blog, mailing) with the external one (RRSS). But be careful! Entries must be of relevant interestWith current and attractive content, we must optimize the frequency of the posts according to the type of website and the client. Neither saturate the reader with a multitude of irrelevant posts, nor generate a wait that ends up generating disinterest.

The contents of the blog can deal with various topics, among which we can highlight: relevant information related to the products marketed, guides and tutorials, business news, corporate information to draw our brand image, and any other content that adds value to your brand, company and / or product.


Helps SEO positioning

The blog helps to improve the organic positioning of your website. In the different entries of a blog you can talk about topics related to your company's theme making use of keywords that help to increase the positioning and visibility of this entry. Making use of keywords of long taili.e., words that cover more terms and are much more specific when it comes to performing a search.

In addition, one of the main benefits of working with a blog is to linking entries to service and/or product pages (interlinking) of a website. In this way, we will be linking valuable information and the user will be able to continue browsing the website instead of abandoning it.

But why? The reason why the blog is so important is that the Google algorithm Today, content and its usefulness are highly valued, on the other hand, speed and performance are also key factors, so having a good blogging strategy can help to drive quality traffic to your siteThe blog directory can sometimes attract around 60% of the domain's total traffic.


What to take into account to start working on the blog


Requires a lot of effort and research

Blogging requires a lot of work, we don't want to deceive you. You will need effort and time to generate content. You will have to create connections with Social Networks, interact with your followers, and develop creativities (images, video...). You will have to attend seminars and workshops, read and follow other experts, and know your products in depth... In short, be a great specialist in your sector and communicate it through your blog. In addition to this, you should not think about the conversion rate, remember that the blog must help users and answer questions they often ask about your product or service.


Monetize your blog with remarketing

In addition, the blog can help you to do remarketing as a SEM strategy.If you have already put all of the above into practice and your blog has a certain acceptance, we can make an extra profit, with a good engagement and an interesting number of visitors. It is now time to move on to the more commercial strategy, from Analytics we will create a segment that delimits all those visitors to the blog.

build audience blog visitors

In Analytics we will create a new audience corresponding to those visitors who have entered the Blog in the period of time we want. We will work with these audiences in the Ads campaigns, both in shopping and search.

At GeotelecomWe believe in the importance of this tool that maintains the communication flow with our clients and followers, and because it keeps minds awake in the agency. A team always alert about news and changes, to bring you the latest through our posts.

If you also want to have a professional blog for your business, but you don't know where to start, check out our SEO audits that will help you start growing in the online world.

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