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As of the next October 30, Google will require to have installed the HTTPS security protocol in all sections of any website that wants to perform a correct measurement of clicks in their AdWords campaigns.

What is the HTTPS protocol?

HTTPS is a security protocol for data encryption transmitted between a browser and a web server. In this way we will protect the data of our web users.

Why is it important to have it implemented on our website?

Google has dictated that in order to be able to use the parallel trackingwhich improves the AdWords speedall click-through measurement URLs must use HTTPS. As of October 30, 2018, side-by-side tracking will become the. unique method to measure clicks. Therefore, all tracking URLs should use HTTPS.

That is why if we want to continue to perform a good management and optimization of our AdWords campaigns, we must install the code found in the new AdWords experience and have the entire website with this security protocol.

We mentioned parallel tracking, but what is it?

It is a way to load your landing page quicklywhich can reduce the number of missed visits. This way we can generate increased conversions and get better ad performance. We will direct customers directly to the final URL while the click-through measurement takes place in the background. Side-by-side tracking is currently an optional feature for advertisers using click-through measurement to track traffic from search and shopping campaigns.


Google is always looking to improve and progress in all its tools. This latest update will allow us to be more accurate in managing our campaigns and will speed up the loading process on our page. From Geotelecom we recommend to get ahead of this deadline and start now with the appropriate changes for each of our customers.

Did you know about this new Google requirement and have you started to inform your customers?

Leave us your comments 🙂

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