Geo-position your business in the SERP, through local SEO.

The Local SEO is a set of strategies that allow you to position your website in the top positions of the SERP (search results) based on certain local queries such as “furniture store in Madrid”, “Hardware store near me” and services such as psychologists, lawyers, doctors and many more.


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Currently, Google can display our company in different ways depending on our core business:

1- Local Pack:

It shows a section of the map with different options in which the user will be able to see not only where each business is located, but will also know relevant information such as the telephone number and the opinions of the site.

Depending on the query made and the user’s location, the different locations closest to it will appear.


2- Local ABC Pack:

It stands out for assigning a letter to the locations of the same store or services of the same type.

It is a way of making it easier for the user to find what they are looking for and is closer to their position. As seen in the image, each point has its own summarized information and two options to go to the map or to visit its website if you have one.

3- Local Finder:

The latter focuses on showing a company or personality in a much larger block than the previous ones. It stands out mainly for showing the right part.


Why do Local SEO?

Help your customers find your business on the web through Maps and Google Business

Connect your business profile to the local networkGoogle My Business, Yelp or Bing Places to connect with your potential clients easily through search engines.

Make your business have a professional image in the first results

Thanks to their characteristics, these platforms allow your business to have an online identity in the first results, increasing the CTR and quality visits to your site.

Get reviews: fundamental basis of value judgment

If your users comment positively and that score is visible, you have all won. Provide a good service and your users will throw 5 stars to everything that your brand has.


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