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Manage Business Locations

Now that we are situated, we can start adding our business locations. Click on the green button "Start"and you will start creating locations through a guided process. If you don't have a home page yet, you will need to create one that will correspond to your brand.

Secondary pages will be linked from the main page. All pages are managed from the main page. Once you have configured the structure, you can add the locations by clicking on the green button  +Add Places There is 3 methods to add locations :

  1. Add locations manually: This is the recommended method if you have up to 10 locations.
  2. Upload locations using a CSV template : This is the recommended option to add 10 or more locations. This way you can upload locations in bulk using spreadsheets. Many Ecommerce CMSs allow you to export locations directly to a spreadsheet, making this process much faster.
  3. Migrate an existing page: This is the ideal method if you already created pages for each of the locations. This way, you will be able to group them all depending on your brand's main page.

Methods of Uploading Physical Locations Facebook If your locations are few and you decide to add them manually, you will only have to fill in a few simple fields with your postal address, telephone number and city. Manual upload of facebook locations

With these simple steps you will be able to organize the structure of all your Facebook pages by adding all the physical addresses of your business. From now on your potential customers will be able to click on all your business locations on the left side of the home page, unless you have configured otherwise, which we do not recommend, as it detracts from your visibility.

Why Use Site Locations in Facebook Ads?

Whether you have only one physical store, or you have several locations, this is a very good option for reach customers in the vicinity of your business. This also allows you to create ads using as target "visits in the business"and in this way send your customers to your locations and increase offline sales. Other advantages you can get thanks to Facebook site locations is:

  • The pages of each location will gain visibility and your potential customers will be able to find them through search engines that index them.
  • Your home page will include a map with locations for your users.
  • Customers will also be able to leave reviews at each location independently of the others.
  • You can geolocate your content and ads and consult statistics for each page.

Do you have all your business addresses added to your main Facebook page? Tell us about it!

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