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Facebook metrics in Google Data Studio.

Who hasn't spent mornings in the office trying to make a report understandable? Reporting Ninja, Blockspring or Data Studio are some of the thousands of existing tools to create your charts and reports. The latter, Data Studio, allows you to create dynamic and attractive reports from multiple sources.

How many times have you wanted to group all your sources into a single report? Find out how integrate all your metrics and KPIs in a single document.

What is Google Data Studio?

Last year Google introduced the free version of Data Studio 360aimed at individuals and small teams dedicated to Marketing. This tool is based on the creation of dashboards as of data sources that you are interested in combining. Starting from these sources you can create different visual content (graphs, tables, etc.) to later share it with clients or colleagues (via Google Docs, PDF,...).

In short, Google Data Studio is the data visualization tool that Google makes available to users. Its main objective is to facilitate data analysis with reports of high visual content. In addition, the platform itself offers customizable templates beyond those created by the user.

Add your metrics from Facebook and other platforms.

Reports in Google Data Studio
Data Sources in Supermetrics

However, if you already use this tool on more than one occasion, you may have needed to incorporate data from your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Twitter, YouTube or other platforms. Going to the specific case of Facebook, how to count your metrics in Data Studio?

Maybe the first thing you think of is exporting your Facebook stats in CSV and upload it as source to Data Studio, right? For a one-off report it might work, but how often would you have to download the CSV and upload it as a source? Keep in mind that every time period analyzed the data will change and you will have no other way to refresh it.

Below we share how to solve this 'inconvenience'. Nothing better than a Google tool to complement another Google tool, right? From a spreadsheet in Drive (Google Sheets) you will be able to obtain the Supermetrics add-on.

From here you can access more than 40 platforms and incorporate their metrics into a single document. However, in this case separates each platform into different sheets of the same document not to cross-reference data.

This is when you will be able to incorporate it as a data source in Data Studio from the 'Google Spreadsheets' option. Having the document created in your own Drive, adding it will be quite intuitive.

Now, going back to the beginning, what happens when you need to refresh the data? As easy as going back to your spreadsheet in Drive and from Supermetrics (in the Plugins menu), click on Refresh All' or schedule when to do it. This is the best option when you have perfectly configured your spreadsheet. Otherwise you can always check the date ranges on each sheet to make sure.

The great advantages of Data Studio.

As you can see, Data Studio is a versatile tool that is easy and intuitive to use. You can easily connect different sources to transform data into a visual and understandable document. Another strong point is the high degree of customization allowed in each report, which can also be updated in real time.

In short, it saves time and headaches and facilitates communication between partners. Thanks to Data Studio you will be able to share and collaborate with your work team and with your customers. We hope this brief review has been helpful. Now all that's left to do is to play around and test your own dashboards. Unleash your reports in Data Studio! There's still a lot to explore 😉

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