Microsoft Advertising Shopping

The moment we have been waiting for has arrived. At last Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) has released its product campaigns or Shopping. For those of us who work daily with Google Ads and its Shopping campaigns, the fact that they enable this basic strategy opens up a new world of possibilities.
But, how can we enable our campaigns product? Join me in this quick guide on how to sign up your customer.

1. How to register Merchant Center.

If there are shopping campaigns, there has to be a platform with which we upload the products. Microsoft Merchant is inside your own account. We do not have a Merchant account where you add new catalogs. You can find Merchant within the Tools tabin the top menu.

Previous to this we will have to Contact Microsoft Support to enable the Beta for us. But, is it not available on all accounts? No, not until you make the activation request. This operation usually takes about 5 days.

2. Claim the URL and Microsoft Ads account in Webmaster

We must claim the account Microsoft Advertising inside the Webmaster to be able to create the stores inside Merchant Center. That is why this claim should be made when the store is created, in order to shorten the time.

  • To do this, the first thing to do is claim the URLjust as we do in Google Merchant Center. It offers us two possibilities to do it through its Webmaster tool, which is a simile of the Search Console or through the UET tracking tag.

  • Within Microsoft Ads it is necessary on the one hand to check the URL within the Webmasterand once we create the account we will have to claim Microsoft Advertising account.
  • As in Google, we will create a Search Console to be able to analyze and view data, and analyze what is happening on your website with navigation, traffic and other aspects.

3. We create a store

Once the Merchant Center is enabled and the URL has been claimed, we must create a store within it and add catalogs o feeds of dataWe can create several stores within the same Merchant, so if a customer has different domains and needs different stores it can be managed without problems. Once the store has been created, it will take Microsoft about 5 days to check and make it active. But while this is happening we can upload the catalogs and leave everything ready so that we can add catalogs.

Once the store is created, you can enter the store, where you will see an initial page with general analytics.

4. Create a user

We will have to create a user who is the administrator of the store. We will select the website on the main page and then go to the option "Configure my site > Add new users".. It is at this point where we must enter an e-mail address that is administrator from the Microsoft Advertising account.

5. Catalog upload

Once we have created the store, we will have to create our catalogand it is very simple:
Go to the tab Catalog Management" > "Create Catalog" > "Create Catalog".and we will see the following configuration tab of the same one:

In the last step, we can select different ways to upload our data feed: manually, from URL download, by FTP and from the Google Merchant Center.

Once these steps are done we could start with our product campaigns in Microsoft Advertising.
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