Web migrations

Web migrations are a constantly evolving reality in the digital world, but to get it right, it is essential to have experts around you. At Geotelecom we will guide you through the entire process, whether you are looking for improve performance, change hosting provider, upgrade your brand image or improve user experience.

 Our goal is to provide you with straightforward and useful guidance that will enable you to make informed decisions and to make the right decision. effective migration of your website.

Types of web migrations

Every web migration involves significant changes to your siteIt is essential to approach them with care and establish a strategy in advance to avoid problems that could negatively impact your business. web positioning.

Within SEO migrations we find 4 different typologies:

Each presents unique challenges and actions, especially when it comes to SEO. Our role as SEO experts is to know how to approach each of these types of migrations effectively in order to ensure that your website not only remains operational and with the online visibility prior to the migration, but to improve your web positioning and reach the top positions in the SERP. 

Hosting migration

This type of migration involves changing your web hosting provider. Make sure you choose a new trusted server and properly configure the redirects to avoid losing traffic and rankings.

Domain migration

When you change your domain name, it is essential to redirect all the old pages to the new ones. Failure to redirect properly can cause the loss of inbound links and, therefore, decrease your domain authority.

CMS Migration

Changing your CMS can be beneficial in terms of functionality, but it is also a migration that must be handled with care. Make sure that all URLs are maintained or redirected properly, and that the content maintains its structure and SEO optimization.

Design migration

When giving your website a new look, it is essential to maintain the URL structure and content. Otherwise, you could lose search engine rankings due to lack of consistency.

How do we carry out an SEO migration?



We performed a web auditing along with a detailed plan that includes the identification of objectives and a focus on SEO strategy to minimize the loss of search engine visibility.


Preliminary SEO optimization

We perform a thorough review of the URL structure, content and links to make sure they are all correct before the migration, thus maintaining the integrity of your SEO.


Migration execution

We carry out the migration with precision, implementing 301 redirects and making sure that all crucial elements, such as images and links, are transferred correctly.


Post-migration analysis

After the migration, we perform different tests to make sure that everything works correctly. This is the time to solve any unforeseen issues that may have been missed in the previous step. 

web migrations illustration

Tasks we perform

Backup copies

Before starting the migration, it is essential to make complete backups of all website data, files and settings. This will help us protect the information in case any problems arise during the migration.

Troubleshooting 404 errors

We identify and correct broken links or non-existent pages (404 errors). Thus, we eliminate all types of errors within your website for the migration.

Meta Tags Optimization

We review and update the meta titles and meta descriptions to ensure that they are correctly optimized and follow the SEO strategy, targeting the main keywords and improving the visibility of your website.

Web performance testing

Having a fast loading time is essential in SEO management. Therefore, we perform performance tests to ensure that the new hosting works optimally and does not negatively affect the user experience.

If you are going to migrate your website soon, we can help you!

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