New trends for Mother's Day

The Mother's Day is a day marked in the calendar of many families but also in that of ecommerce that see this day as a sales opportunity. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has fully impacted on our lives, it is necessary to observe and analyze the user behaviors in order to continue learning.
According to data from GoogleThis year, 34% of Spaniards who use the Internet could make a purchase for Mother's Day. Of this figure, 25% were sure that they would give something as a gift and 19% did not know exactly. If these data are analyzed by gender, it is men who will spend more money on gifts reaching an average of 52 euros while women will stay at 48 euros.
As for the kinship noted by Google, 69% of respondents say the gift will go to their mother, 21% will go to their partner and 16%, to another family member.
For its part, Google Trends also gives us clues to the queries that have been made in Spain about terms related to Mother's Day.

What is e-commerce doing?

One of the advantages that ecommerce has at the moment is that the use of mobiles, computers, tablets and electronic devices has increased with the confinement and, consequently, the use of the Internet, the number of online consumers has grown. People who previously did not buy in this sector have now been forced to do so.
A giant like Amazon is taking advantage of these days to launch numerous offers of products to enjoy at home. Something more unusual, which is also being observed, is how the florists are adapting to the moment and are starting to sell using digital channels (social networks, ads, websites). If we look at search trends, flowers are ahead of other possible gifts such as perfumes, jewelry and sportswear.

Another trend is the virtual gifts such as personalized videos or digital cards. Inspiration for the creation of such gifts will be sought, in many cases, from YouTube. In 2019, there were 8.8 million Mother's Day-related views and this year all signs point to that figure being surpassed.
And your ecommerce, what strategies are you putting in place for this Mother's Day in confinement?

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