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New Google AdWords interface: what we like and what we do not like

It's been more than a year since Google started activating the beta version of its new Google AdWords interface. You'll find everything you need to know! In today's post, we want to give you our opinion (based on our joint experience) about what news We think they are a success and what we wish they had never changed with respect to the old interface.

Things we love about the new Google AdWords interface:

  • In the old interface we moved like fish in water, but we must recognize that this new version is more intuitive. It is very easy to navigate through it! In addition, it maintains the design of Google Merchant Center, so it is not alien to us. In this regard, advertisers that have been incorporated in recent months to the platform, surely appreciate this new aesthetics and layout of the main menus.
  • Closely linked to the previous point, let's talk about the general viewwe will finally look at this tab! Do you remember the previous home page? For those of you who don't have it, here it is


Although it all seems very clear, we think you can see that this tab invites you to do anything but stare at it. However, the new "Overview" of the new Google AdWords interface, it contains graphics, colors and encompasses almost everything essential to get a quick overview of the status of an account over a certain period. And if you still need to customize it further, metrics are tailored to your preferences. In summary, from Geotelecom, we consider this tab as a success.

  • The colors and graphics are very useful, but those of us who spend countless hours in front of this panel are asking for this new Google AdWords interface, work fasterSaid and done! This is another thing we love about the new version. We need fewer clicks to get to the screen we are interested in. Example: do we want to make adjustments per device?

Previously we would have had to click on Configuration and from there access the devices. Currently, we have it available in the side menu and we can save that intermediate step.

Another example:

Before, to set the schedule by hours or days of the week, it was necessary to go to the tab dimensionsfrom there extract the data, and go to the campaign at issue >configuration > ad scheduling. Now, in the same"ad scheduling" From the side menu, we find that information directly, without having to go around any more. This type of improvement saves us a lot of time. However, it also saves us a lot of time. we found shortcomings. These features, far from making management easier, hinder our work and make us miss the old interface.

Things that horrify us about the new Google AdWords interface:

  • Copy and paste elements. Have you taken the test? If so, you have probably wanted to go back to the old version ipso facto. How to do it in the new panel? Let's say we want to copy a group of ads within the same campaign. Previously we would have selected the ad group of our interest and with CTRL+C and CTRL+V, it would be done! Easy and simple.

Now...if we want to do the same operation, first we have to select the campaign, CTRL+C, go to campaign level, select the campaign in which you want to paste it, click Edit >Paste. The same for copying and pasting ads or any other element. In short, the time we saved with the changes we explained in the first point, is lost by investing more time in this type of process. This is something we don't like about the new AdWords interface.

  • Campaign configuration. We also do not like the fact that in the configuration various options have been grouped together in the drop-down menu. "Additional configuration". It is very easy, especially for those who are just starting out, to overlook these options and not optimize the ad placement or rotation options. It would be easier not to overlook such conditions if they were collected within the "locations"or were simply more visible.
In the copys of Announcements...
  • To conclude with the section of things that horrify us... Let's take a look at the following image!
Copys of the new Google AdWords interface

This is an ad that, a priori, we cannot save because it does not comply with Google's editorial guidelines. However, after reviewing the ad and making sure that this is not the case, we would like to request a manual overhaul! And there's the problem, we don't have that option. So we can neither save it nor request a revision.

This is more than a shortcoming of the new version! problem they need to solve as soon as possible! And, leaving aside the new Google AdWords interface itself, we also miss the extension Usability Booster for AdWords orptimizers, which makes it much easier to work with. It includes colors, wider rows or columns and, in short, it makes the panel much more visual.

If you know of any updates for the new interface or other similar tool, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments!What do you like and what don't you like about the new Google AdWords interface? In the next post we will talk about the new changes that are appearing in Google Merchant Center and we will give you some ideas about what rules can be created to improve our feeds. Stay tuned!

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