New Intent-Based Customized Audiences


Are you thinking of implementing a Display campaign and want to explore new ways to impact your target audiences? You're in luck, because since a few weeks ago you can not only work on segmenting your audiences based on interests, or on the way they have interacted with your website (remarketing), but also according to their purchase intention through personalized hearings.

And what does this imply? That we can segment based on the browsing information of users who visit specific urls or perform certain searches relevant to our business.

Taking into account the browsing history of each user, Google establishes those profiles that meet a high purchase intention about our business. But to do so, we have to give the system certain guidelines...

How to configure these audiences?

If we have already created our Display campaign, we go to the section Hearings and select create New Hearing. We select the ad group to which it is going to belong and the limitation of coverage (Segmentation if we impact only this new audience, or Observation if we impact the entire audience by setting a bidding priority on this new audience).

You can define these audiences in three ways:

Including those urls directly related to your business model. as your direct competition, or main blogs that deal with the topics or needs that your company supplies. This way you will be able to impact those people directly interested in your competitors and your focus of interest to re-absorb them.

You will also be able to work in a segmented way on the keywords that attract buying intent about your company. If I have a professional dive equipment store I could create a specific audience focused on attracting people interested in purchasing neoprene suits with keywords such as "dry diving wetsuit", "women's canyoning wetsuit" or "5mm wetsuit". The system also offers related keyword suggestions that could work very well for this audience.

Finally, another possibility is unify both sources of information in the same audience, both urls and their related keywords.

Requirements for optimum performance

IMPORTANT: According to Google, for these audiences to have enough information and work optimally, they must contain at least 15 sources of information (15 urls, 15 keywords, or 15 of both).

Once created, we can analyze the performance from the tab Hearingsand establish your bidding hierarchy according to our priority criteria.

Since Geotelecom We hope this new tool will help you to attract relevant and profitable traffic for your business!

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