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Ideal CPC and What's New in Google AdWords

Custom Columns at Keyword and Ad levels:

As of very recently, we have the possibility to create custom columns at Keyword and Ad levels in our AdWords accounts.

CPC Ideal:

The fact of being able to have a personalized column, especially at keyword level, is great news. We can use a formula to get the CPC Ideal. This metric will tell us how much we can set our CPCs to stick to the profitability or ROI we have established by the customer. We must keep in mind that this metric is going to be a guideline. I leave you a screenshot of how to configure your custom column of CPC Ideal:


The keyboard shortcuts of the new AdWords interface have been working for some time. They are very powerful and will help us to perform a faster and more effective management. We will save time in small daily processes.

Account Performance Score:

This new metric created by Google, which we will see soon, is going to be based directly on the number of times we apply the recommendations in the tab Opportunities on the accounts. We will have more information about this metric in the near future. For the moment Google has made it clear that it has no relation with the Quality Score of our campaigns. To quote Anthony Chavez, AdWords Director of Product Management: "It is designed to be a meaningful indicator of the best ways users can improve their accounts".

Ad Variations:

This tool is now available in the new AdWords experience. It offers us the possibility of making multiple combinations between the existing ads in our accounts. We simply have to follow the configuration steps requested, very easy. You can access this tool in the section "Drafts and experiments" > "Ad Variations".

Notes on AdWords:

Finally, and after a long wait, we will be able to make annotations in AdWords. This option will be very useful to have reflected on the accounts different problems or events that occur during the year: problems with conversion codes, important sales periods, changes made on the client's website, etc.

Who is looking forward to trying out all these features?

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