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What has changed in Facebook Ads [2022]?

Social networks are ideal for brands to reach a wide audience.

Currently, users spend an average of of 2.5h per day on Social Networksand these influence on a 50% of purchases. For this reason, the marketing budget in RRSS increases year after year, innovating in formats and creating unique experiences.

According to the study conducted by IAB SPAIN In 2021, 31% of users like to see advertising that matches their interests, 40% neither like nor dislike it, and 29% are annoyed by it. A 48% of users follow brands on social networks.

IAB SPAIN 2021 Study
IAB SPAIN 2021 Study - Penetration of brands in RRSS


Change of objectives

One of the most significant new features brought to us by the changes in Facebook's policies with iOS14, are the new goals when it comes to create campaigns:

  • Old objectives:
old campaigns
Old goals in Facebook campaigns
  • New Objectives:
new campaigns
New objectives in Facebook campaigns

As you can see in the images, Facebook no longer divides the objectives into three sections with sub-themes, but has simplified all the objectives into six based on ensuring a commercial purpose according to your ad. From summarized formthe change has been this:


new targets
new targets


 The Pixel


The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you add to a website to collect information about how your customers behave once they have clicked on your ad. Thanks to the pixel, we can know how many conversions our Facebook ads generate and the cost of each conversion. Once we have the Facebook pixel installed, we will be able to create better segmentations of your audiences, such as:

  • Users who have visited a web page
  • Users who have purchased a product or service
  • Users who added a product to the shopping cart
  • Users who completed a registration form (recruitment)

Still don't know what Pixel is and want to know how it works? 👇🏻


how facebook pixel works
Click on the image to watch the video. Via Semrush


Attribution models 

Apple has already begun enforcing a new privacy policy in iOS 14, which requires apps like Facebook and Instagram to ask users for permission to track them. This will impact advertisers in Social AdsFacebook and Instagram, using web events for optimization, segmentation and reporting.

Thus, Facebook went ahead and replaced its default attribution model, leaving extinct the model of 28 days clicks & 1 day display. Currently, the attribution models are:

    • 1 day after clicking
    • 7 days after clicking 
    • 1 day after clicking and 1 day after viewing.
    • 7 days after clicking and 1 day after viewing 
    • 28 days click and 1 day display (old)



If we want to track in Analytics our Facebook Ads campaigns, it is very important to establish a unique Source/Media UTM. How? 👇🏻


utm create url parameter

UTMs are a code that helps you track the performance of each of those links so you can see where your traffic is coming from.




"The Facebook Conversions API creates a connection between advertiser Marketing data and Meta systems to optimize ads to the maximum extent possible."

This is basically connecting to your website, pulling the data it needs and optimizing ads based on the data obtained.


api conversions
Graph of how the API works


Advantages of the API:

With such a large amount of data obtained from the business, it is clear that Facebook is able to improve the quality of ads and improve targeting..... That's all there is to it.

  • Best targeting. Especially in RMK and Dynamics.
  • CPM and CPC lower in a generalized manner.
  • Improved CTR at an average of 5%.
  • Average improvement by 12% in the attribution of conversions. There are cases that have seen increases of almost 50% in conversions and reduced CPA by 30% after implementing the API.
  • Periodic updatess and constant improvements. The current Facebook pixel stopped updating recently.

In the end the improvements are many and quite logical, the more data the easier it is for FB to improve. And in addition, in the conversions part, iOS14 data is no longer lost, which in some businesses represents a large volume of sales that were not shown.


iOS 14 changes

Apple requires all apps in the App Store that perform what the company defines as "tracking" to display a notice on devices running iOS 14.5 or later versions, according to its AppTrackingTransparency framework. Apple's policy only allows certain data to be collected and shared if the individual authorizes tracking on their device with iOS 14.5 or later versions via the notice.

The most significant changes have been:

  • Reduction of pixel tracking events to 8 in order of priority.
  • Reduction of the attribution window from 28 days to 7.
  • Reduction of lookalike lists.

And to us What do we have left?

  • Verify the domain on Facebook to be able to access the 8 events.
  • Prioritize the events we need to trace from the pixel. 
  • Choose audiences with higher quality data and then make similar audiences.
  • Create audiences of less segmented interests to avoid losing users in the segment.


The term Metaverse was created in 1992. It comes from a novel called "Snow Crash". It is about a Parallel Universe completely virtual. It is Fully immersiveor at least more than what is currently virtual reality. It could have been a great evolutionary leap in the Internet or... come to nothing.

Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse

What is in store for us with this new tool?

  • Possibility of create our own businesses.
  • Work meetings in virtual offices.
  • The Metaverse will have its own economy.
  • Interacting with people that are physically far away in a more realistic way.
  • Metaverse full of micropayments.

(Meta has entered into an agreement with the Ecommerce company VNTANA (https://www.vntana.com/) To add three-dimensional ads to Facebook and Instagram).

The Metaverse is still a bit up in the air and we wonder... Will this be a great leap into the future or, on the contrary, will it be a great failure?

If you have an eCommerce, advertising on social networks can be a great window to offer your products and serve as a tool to carry out your sales.


At Geotelecom we are Facebook Marketing Partner because I have demonstrated excellence in adhering to the latest Facebook best practices for adoption and conversion optimization to drive meaningful business results for our clients.


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