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Google news: changes and measures against the coronavirus effect

Since COVID19 became international, Google has tried to mitigate its impact in different ways. This impact has also been felt by the multinational itself, which has been forced to protect its team and resort to teleworking. For this reason, its support has been slowed. Faced with this situation, Google has opted to enable a new feature in Google Ads that allows companies to appeal an advertising policy decision without the need to contact customer service. This self-service is activated by hovering over the rejected or limited ad and clicking on the "appeal" section to see if it is readable. To view its status or follow up you will need to go to the Policy Manager link.


  • Contrasted and useful information: Google is working with the U.S. government to create a website with educational and prevention material about the coronavirus. On that page you will find links such as the ones shown with the SOS Alerts they have also created. In addition, Google is participating in the "Do The Five" What are they? wash your hands, cough into your elbow, don't touch your face, keep your distance and stay at home. As for searches, Google gives visibility to authorized sources and will let you know if a store is "temporarily closed". Through Google Flights you can find out which airlines have flexible cancellation policies and which ones apply fees.
  • Stop the fake news: Google is removing misinformation about the coronavirus from YouTube, Google Maps, Play and its ads. Likewise, they are pursuing ads that attempt to monetize this type of misfortune.
  • Teleworking: Google has an application for video calls, Meet, whose premium services are offered free of charge until July 1. Training is also important for remote work. For this reason, they have created a new YouTube Learning Center as well as blogs and webinars.
  • Donations: via Google.org have earmarked 50 million dollars to alleviate the effects that the virus is having on health, science, education and the economy. As part of the research, a team from Boston Children's Hospital has received a $500,000 grant. This hospital is working on a website that reflects new outbreaks and health threats. Google is also collaborating in other lines of research with their support.
  • Care of people: Perhaps this point is one of the most important to avoid the spread of the virus. Google has created a fund so that its temporary workers and suppliers can take paid leave anywhere in the world as long as it is due to the coronavirus.


In terms of taking care of their own staff, they have tried to minimize the number of people coming to their offices. Obviously, certain media can only be serviced from that location. How have they done that?

  • Recommending the remote accessi.e. teleworking.
  • Prioritizing workflows as the most critical support (account recovery, security and COVID19 related reviews).
  • Increasing the use of automated systems to streamline processes.
  • Adjusting personnel shifts to avoid unnecessary contacts.

If you wish to know in depth all these measures, you can access the sources: https://espana.googleblog.com/2020/03/coronavirus-como-seguimos-ayudando.html https://blog.google/inside-google/company-announcements/update-extended-workforce-covid-19/ https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9790008 Remember contact our team for any questions ?


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