What's new in Social Ads for 2021

This year has started off strong in terms of new products. If last week we talked about the Google Ads newsNow let's focus on what's new in Social Ads platforms for 2021.

Why 2021 will be the year of Social Media?

Social Commerce

Social commerce is becoming one of the most important and effective sales strategies for ecommerce.

What is it about? We are talking about buy directly through the social networks without going through other applications or websites. This favors brands.

Social media and online stores are now fully integrated into society, so brands are taking advantage of these platforms to reach their ideal customers.

Live Social Shopping

When we talk about live shopping, we refer to the possibility of generating sales in real time among a determined audience.

With this, brands and influencers will have greater impact with the products can be sold easily from the direct made in social networks. A trend that has been booming in recent times.


Shoppertaintment is a strategy that lies on the border between e-commerce and entertainment. It involves engaging consumers in an interactive experience by making live broadcasts of events, videos or games to drive online purchases.

In 2021, influencers and content creators will become more important in driving commerce. The content we generally enjoy will now drive us to buy organically.


We are seeing more and more homogenization among social networks. The types of publications that used to belong to a single platform can now be found on many others.

For example, stories began to be a publishing tool on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook in recent years, which has now changed. We can already find them on platforms such as LinkedIn.

We can also see this with TikTok-style short videos, which are now present on Instagram as Reels.

Video and augmented reality

This year 2021 comes with a greater commitment to the dynamic contents in social networks, through videos and augmented reality. This will mean the creation of new and improved formats for incorporation into the platforms.

From follower to subscriber

From the end of 2020, the monetization of streams and paid content through subscriptions have taken off.

The use of platforms such as Patreon will become more popular as a way to secure paid subscriptions to higher quality and more exclusive content.

Whatsapp Advertising

This novelty was already announced for 2020, but it seems that this 2021 we will see advertisements on WhatsApp.

We will be able to find it within the Whatsapp statuses and, without a doubt, it will open a wide field to spread your messages in the most used messaging app in the world.

Advertising Cost

On the other hand, this year is presented with a increase in costs of advertising, given its greater demand. In response, access to fixed spaces will be sought, leaving aside the auction model.

Actualization of iOS 14 in Facebook Ads

Apple's operating system, iOS, has been upgraded to version 14. But why does this affect the Facebook Ads platform?

The answer is that, for the iOS14 of iPhone, Apple has introduced the "App Tracking Transparency" measurement protocol with serious privacy restrictions.

What affects Facebook Ads is the SKAdNetwork class, a proprietary system that can measure ad attribution without revealing specific device actions. Given this:

  • It should display a message asking if you accept the follow-up. So, it is expected that there will be quite a few rejections.
Facebook Ads ad window. Source: Own
  • Even if you accept, there are several restrictions.

What about the Facebook Ads attribution window and measurement?

Attribution window:

  • Post-click 28D, post-view 28D and post-view 7D will disappear. So you will keep the post-click 7D the one that remains by default.
  • From now on, the conversion window will be configured as follows at ad-set levelnot at the Account level
  • For automatic rules, the conversion window will be 7D post-click for Android.


  • Breakdowns by Action and Delivery for conversions will no longer be available.
  • If data are missing, estimates of results will be made.
  • The conversion date will be when the conversion takes place and not when the ad was shown.
  • Real-time reports are no longer accepted and there may be a delay of up to 3 days.
  • Regarding the pixel, a maximum of 8 custom events/conversions will be allowed, and the order of hierarchy between them must be specified.
  • If we do not specify it, Facebook will configure the event hierarchy at its discretion.
  • If a user executes several events (e.g. AddToCart and Purchase), the pixel will only send the one with the highest rank.
  • At the adset level, we will only have to choose 1 event.

How will this affect the configuration of campaigns?

At this point, we are faced with two important points when it comes to campaign configuration:

  • If you are targeting iOS in-app events, only the Auction purchase will be available. Neither range nor frequency will be available
  • For dynamic ads on app or web on iOS14, it may open in browser and not go to the app or app store.

App download campaigns for iOS Facebook Ads:

  • Separate campaigns will have to be created for iOS
  • Limitations: Maximum 9 campaigns; 5 groups per campaign with the same type of optimization.
  • SKAdNetwork will not support breakdowns for download or post-download events (e.g. in-app purchase).
  • Conversion events will be logged with the SKAdNetwork API submission date (not real time).
  • Data is aggregated at campaign level. For ad-set and ad levels, statistical models will be applied, unless the campaign has only 1 group and 1 ad, which will be the same data as at campaign level.

Finally, what about custom audiences?

From Facebook they warn that we will see decreases in remarketing audiences depending on how many people reject the follow-up.

In principle, this would only apply to "your origins" custom audiences, but not for those on Facebook.

In short, there are many reasons why Social Ads platforms will continue to grow in 2021. Tell us what you think of the new developments in Social Ads, do you find them interesting?

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