One month of FREE reels for your content calendar

One of the problems most frequently encountered by a company is that of the community manager is the vortex and the speed with which content is consumed and, therefore, the need to be constantly devising publications, videos, campaigns...

Facebook and Instagram, now known under the name Meta, do not make it easy, because if before they prioritized some things, now they encourage the creation of reelsthat is to say, short videos that are devoured in just a few seconds in an attempt to copy TikTok.

To make your life a little easier, we've prepared a whole month of ideas for your reels or in other words, the same thing, 31 examples that you can implement in your content calendar. Take the ideas that you like the most and that best fit your strategy and your account and implement them. Let us know how it went!

PS: the ideas are oriented to companies that sell products or services.

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Friendly reminder: important things to keep in mind before uploading an image. reel… 

  • Music helps us to position ourselves, so, choosing a trending audio will be a key point to improve the SEO of the video.
  • The location can bring you closer to your target audience if, for example, you are a restaurant and you want to attract new people to your business. Don't forget to put it!
  • The hashtags. Some people don't need them because they have thousands of followers, but if they exist, why not use them? Our recommendation is to mix generic and niche hashtags and see which ones work best for you.

paquita salas jaskat

  • The originality is awarded by users but also by Instagram. Be creative!
  • Remember that if you are going to tell something (storytime), the subtitles will help you reach more people because there are many people who may not be able to activate the audio at that moment but want to know what you are saying.


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