DOOH advertising: evolution and current context

Have you ever seen the acronym DOOH? And have you heard about digital outdoor advertising? Don't worry! Today we tell you a little about what it is and why this type of advertising is being talked about so much. But first, we leave you an idea of what this blog post is going to consist of with two images of the most iconic locations for this type of advertising:

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What is DOOH and what were its origins?

Digital outdoor advertising, also known as DOOH (digital-out-of-home) is nothing more than the progress that has been made in what we used to know as outdoor advertising or OOH. 

Specifically, it is defined as a type of advertising site where messages are reproduced in digital format in outdoor spacesThis will impact users who are on the street or in places such as shopping malls. 

Thanks to the digitization of advertising media, the artificial intelligence and the reduction in the cost of screen components, large companies are using DOOH advertising to optimize their strategies to get closer to their target and thus strengthen their brand image and notoriety. 

Given the boom that we are seeing in terms of advertising investment, as predicted by the IAB in its report 2nd Wave Study of Advertising Investment in Digital Media (IAB Spain)We will tell you here today how this advertising is positioning itself and which are the most used tools at international level to achieve the objectives set by the market players.

Types of DOOH advertising formats

Currently, DOOH advertising is being carried out both in spaces outdoor or outdoorsas it is the street itself, as in spaces indoor or interiorsThese are those associated with shopping malls or airports, among others. 

Within these two advertising possibilities digital out of homewe can highlight different advertising formats that can be used by brands to tailor their campaigns and penetrate their target audience. As with traditional outdoor advertising, we can encounter furniture and billboards where the digitized content of the screens makes it unique. 

Likewise, in DOOH advertising, there are also formats known as digital billboards that can be seen in indoor and interactive digital spaces that allow the user to perform dynamics with the screen itself, supported by touch or QR code tools

Beyond this type of formats, which are a clear evolution of traditional sites thanks to the implementation of digitization, there are many digital screens of different sizes where you can implement this type of advertising. We leave here a TOP summary of our colleagues from IAB Spain!

outdoor advertising dooh 1024x599 1

And now, how do we position our advertising? Buying and planning models. 

Although there is a wide variety of advertising formats, when talking about digital advertising, it is important to highlight the following ones. different types of advertising placement purchases and how we can position an advertising campaign in a certain place. 

In general, DOOH advertising has undergone and is undergoing a major evolution of purchasing methodologies, also partly due to this privacy regulation and the cookie policy on users. Currently, we have gone from working with a traditional buying model where the well-known circuit or unit purchases stand out to dominate programmatic as the main way to buy DOOH advertising placements. This type of programmatic buying is known within the digital outdoor advertising industry as pDOOH

The pDOOH seeks, through automation and the use of advanced data, generate a real-time purchase of advertising space to impact users at specific times and contexts so that the result of the campaign is more precise, towards more targeted users. audience centricwhere omnichannel can be enhanced and the purchasing model is more standardized. Currently, there are more and more advanced DSPs where segmentation possibilities are varied and oriented to the achievement of objectives aligned with brand strategies.

What is a campaign without its measurement and control metrics?

Every campaign must be measured based on KPIs (you know, what is not measured cannot be improved). We tell you about different methodologies to do so:

1. Audience measurement methodologies 

With the advancement and digitization of outdoor advertising and programmatic support, brands can nowadays resort to more advanced methodologies for audience development and more advanced content strategies. 

Now we see how the movement of people, supported by the location of APPs and technological advances, allow us to know the behavioral patterns and define key locations to impact the user who is part of the objective target. In addition, elements such as the location of the media, the orographic layout or the visibility of the advertising sites, allow for greater precision when choosing the media where you are most likely to reach your target. 

In this way, we can see how we can find DOOH advertising strategies oriented to:

  • Weather conditions at the locationHow would you feel if I told you that this campaign was conditioned to the weather in the city? If the temperature exceeded a level of ºC, an ice cream was displayed to encourage the user to buy it!
weather conditions dooh 1024x547 1
  • Location and location. in the campaign you see below, the company was able to synchronize its reservations to the point that if there were free spaces it would impact users near the restaurant to generate interest in going to eat there. 
location location dooh
  • Data on human behaviorThe message was personalized to capture the attention of the user who was waiting at the bus shelter, by synchronizing the public transport timetable. 
human behavior dooh 1024x683 1
  • Sociodemographic aspects of the users who travel in these areas and at specific times.In this last example, the campaign appeared at peak hours when it was known that its target audience would be passing through the area. In this case, its target audience was families and young people, as it was promoting an amusement park. 
outdoor dooh advertising

2. Main metrics in DOOH advertising. 

In this type of campaign, as in any other advertising campaign, data is the key to be able to interpret, analyze and assess their viability and operation. 

For this reason, DOOH advertising can also measure a series of elements that are fundamental for subsequent decision making. Specifically, the most relevant within this marketing practice are the following: 

  • Brand health. 
  • Foot traffic. 
  • Increased sales. 
  • Device ID Passback.
  • Web activity and conversions

But how are these metrics classified? Here is the main classification with a summary of those that, for us, are key and differential within digital outdoor advertising. 

  • Metrics oriented issue
    • Dwell time. This is what is known as the time in which an individual is in the visible exposure zone to see the advertisement on the outdoor advertising medium. 
    • Sot (Share of Time). It is the percentage of time that an advertising campaign occupies over the total time available to appear in that medium. 
  • Metrics oriented audience.
    • Impression multiplier. As the IAB points out, this metric refers to the number of impacts generated by a playout. That is, it informs the buyer exactly how many impacts are delivered in a single ad playout. This is one of the metrics that shows the difference in the measurement of this type of digital marketing tools compared to others. 
    • OTS. It refers to the number of times a user, or the audience itself, has the opportunity to view the advertising campaign over a period of time. 
  • Metrics oriented conversion. Within these metrics, the most interesting one is the one related to the drive to web or drive to appwhich specifically refers to the percentage of users who visit the website or app after being impacted by digital outdoor advertising.

Broadly speaking, some of the most noteworthy aspects that have been obtained thanks to the metrics available in outdoor digital advertising are the fact that thanks to these campaigns the CTR on mobile devices has increased and also that the increase in ROI is an obvious fact thanks to the strategies for capturing leads or traffic to the physical store of DOOH campaigns. 

Where is digital outdoor advertising heading?

Many are the specialists who see how this type of advertising is expected to grow in the coming years to the point of recovering and surpassing investment levels that were made before the pandemic, to grow by more than 10% by 2026

The IAB Spain, as well as Programmatic Spain, have already indicated that digital outdoor advertising is the future and that to be successful, the creativity of campaigns must go hand in hand with their marketing strategies, constituting one of the pillars for DOOH.

In addition, thanks to advances such as artificial intelligence or the 3D creative developmentIn this way, brands will be able to develop much more segmented campaigns, optimizing investment and developing content with greater impact and conversation among the public. 

We will see how this type of digital marketing advances and where it can go thanks to its integration with programmatic buying. If you are really interested in this type of marketing strategy and you think it could be interesting for your business, don't hesitate to check out the White Paper prepared by IAB Spain with the best guidelines! And we at Geotelecom We can also give you personalized advice on the different strategies you can adopt to grow your brand.

For the time being, we also leave you here a LEGO brand success storywhich together with the company specialized in the sector Hivestack managed to exceed expectations and was awarded in 2022 by the NC Award as the campaign with the best integration in terms of entertainment.

advertising dooh outdoor advertising cities 768x464 1


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