PayPal and redirect to our "Thank You" page.

Here we are again! =)

In today's post we want to bring you the process that must be followed in order to achieve redirect users who buy in our ecommerce using the payment method of PayPal to the Thank you" page of the Web.

Many customers come to us and are unable to measure the transactions that are completed with PayPal either in Adwords ni Analytics. This is because after completing the purchase with this popular payment method the user is not automatically redirected back to the merchant's website.

The truth is that the solution is so simple that we want to show you the process simply with pictures, here we go: As you can see it is a very simple process and does not require any technical knowledge. It is as simple as checking the automatic return and add the Return URL desired. This URL will serve as the "Thank you" page of the store, which should only be accessible after the order has been completed.

First steps to redirect to our website after purchasing with paypal

In addition, it should not be forgotten that the Adwords conversion code in order to register the sale. Finally, remember that if you are just starting with your online store, it is likely that in Analytics you should include in your "Reference Exclusion List" the domain to ensure that the source/medium to which it is attribute the sale to be just the one prior to PayPal's passage (organic, CPC, direct...) We hope you find it useful!

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