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Facebook announces the demise of its conversions and custom audience pixels in favor of the recent Facebook Pixel. According to the schedule released earlier this summer, as of July 15, new ad accounts could no longer create conversion pixels (older accounts that did not yet have any pixels created could not do so either as of that day).

The next step will be taken this September 15. From that moment on, only the Facebook pixel can be created, although previously created conversion pixels can still be used. After one month from this date, as of the October 15Facebook will no longer actively support the conversion pixel. The last step will be taken on February 15, 2017when the conversion pixel will be deactivated.

Still don't know all the advantages of Facebook Pixel?

This new pixel allows you to combine all the functionalities that until now were provided by the two existing pixels (conversions and personalized audience). Thus, it includes the following functionalities:

Conversions Pixel
Conversions Pixel

As you can see, with this new Facebook Pixel you will have the same features as with the two old pixels. This way, the implementation will be easier and faster for webmasters.

Facebook recommends upgrading to the new Facebook Pixel as soon as possible, in order to track and optimize conversions as well as audience targeting (to each ad group and campaign) as soon as possible.

In addition, this new pixel allows the option of personalized conversions and dynamic ads, which will allow the advertiser to make publications much more relevant to their potential consumers, showing them exactly the most relevant message for each of them.

And you, have you already made the switch to Pixel de Facebook?

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