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Who said that managing Google Ads campaigns was boring? ? For starters, the Google Policies are going to be your best friend if you want your campaigns to succeed (besides being able to activate). Trademark content, legal requirements, certificate needed in your country, landing page not working or editorial requirements are some of the most common messages you may have come across...

On the part of Google, they are aware of the need to bring these policies closer to the very moment of ad creation. At April 2019 the latest addition to Google Ads arrives: a new Policy Manager. In this way, you will be aware of the restrictions of your ad with respect to the advertiser policies on the platform.

► How does the Policy Manager work?

Policy Manager in Google Ads is intended to centralize all information about policy monitoring and restrictions on your ads, keywords and extensions. Since last year we can already see additional information about ad rejection, as shown in the following image. Google's intention is to continue improving this functionality of the new interface.

However, the detection of violations can be detected from the creation of the ad itself. Google offers real-time alerts to make changes immediately and also allows requesting exceptions or revisions on your ads.

► Additional information and reviews.

It is common that you want to claim the rejection of your ad. How to request such a review? Now it will only take a couple of clicks to do it from the same interface in Google Ads. As of this spring, it will be possible to send claims to review advertisements and, in addition, to make status tracking in which it is located.

In addition, it is expected that Google will continue to adding functionalities to this toolsuch as revision history. Do you think this tool makes it easier to create and correct ads, and will it improve the quality of your Google Ads accounts? Let us know what you think in the comments! ?

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