Price extensions

This week we have seen how the "Price Extensions"These extensions became part of the usual types of extensions found in Google AdWords accounts. These extensions were previously in beta but are now finally available in all accounts.

The price extensions are in English only, and give us the option to select different types, such as brands, events, locations, neigborhoods, product categories, product tiers, service categories, service tiers and services. You can also choose different currencies and select a price qualifier such as "from" and "up to".

In this type of extensions we can also give a price for each of the products and accompany them with a title, a description and a specific final URL. In addition, we can choose a "unit" such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly... which can be different for each of the items that we are including in the price extension.

We can publish a total of 8 different items although we do not know what is the maximum number that can be displayed. We can assume that in a short period of time Google will enable this type of extensions also for other languages, as it did with the site excerpt extensions, where we can also list our products under different headings.

We recall that site excerpt extensions were the last type of extensions to appear in Google AdWords.

We already know that the use of all types of extensions offered by Google in Google AdWords helps to improve the quality levels of accounts, campaigns, ad groups and ads.

In addition, it helps to boost the ads, displaying them larger and, therefore, occupying more of the SERP. Thus, we can anticipate that the use of this type of extensions will be optimal to improve the CTR of our ads and thus get more traffic to our website.

From Geotelecom We encourage you to try them and share with us the results you obtain.


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