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Spypricingis a tool developed and managed by Geotelecom that will allow your business to know what the situation of the prices of your products is compared to your competitors.

The tool shows the prices you have set for all the items in your catalog and compares the prices with those of your competitors.. But it is not only that, we also provide you with data so that you can act on them.

Wesuggest price increases on those products that are the best so that you obtain a greater profit and maintain your leadership position, as well as suggestions for decreases based on your commercial margin to be more competitive.


In addition, it can help you when managing your campaigns on advertising platforms.


Easy to use

Spypricingautomatically labels your best prices,,with the aim of promoting and managing them differently from the rest of the catalog. This way you make sure you always have a presence with them when the user performs a search.

How often your products can be tracked and compared to your competition.. In principle, and by default, it is done once a day, but if your business and the knowledge you have about it and your competition requires it, several can be done throughout the day.

The report that will be generated after the tool has carried out its work can be provided to you in different formats (.txt, .csv, .xml) and by different means (email, host it on an FTP, etc.), with the objective that it is very easy to use for you and that you maximize your sales and income.

A good solution

Do you think you can survive without a tool of this type with the importance of price in the online sales market?

Do not miss this opportunity and find out without obligation, thousands of e-commerce use this type of solution daily.

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