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According to a report prepared by Mark Ballardreferring to the campaigns of Shopping In the third quarter of 2015, the number of clicks on this type of ad and the investment dedicated to campaigns in this sector continues to grow. In this way, in this third quarter of 2015, it has already overtaken the investment and number of clicks on text ads, which until now had always been at the forefront in this sector.

In the "Digital Marketing Report"The report shows that over the past three months, SEM spend in the U.S. has increased by a total of 19%. In total, the number of total clicks on product listing or Shopping ads increased by 47%, and spend increased by 39% versus the previous year, taking into account spend across all devices. Cost Per Click (CPC) on Shopping campaigns was down 6%, mostly due to an increase in clicks from mobile devices.

Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Product Sheet

Remains unstoppable flight of customers to mobile devices (smartphones with full browsers), and in just one year the number of clicks generated from this type of device on product page ads has increased by 166%. Similarly, clicks on these ads made on tablets have grown by 30%; meaning a detriment of 6% in clicks on text ads from the same type of device. This shows not only the preference of users for mobile digital devices, but also the greater attraction generated by these ads that combine images and relevant information.

The search trends by category are virtually unchanged, as explained in this article. While clothing and home and garden items continue their climb throughout all quarters of 2015, electronics, appliances, flowers and gifts suffer a significant decline.

In general, the most recurring search terms continue to be related to sports themeThe information and articles for the practice of this type of activities.

The question remains as to what the remaining three months of the year will bring, with two major annual milestones in e-commerce: Black Friday y Christmas.


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