Products Rating How to take it to Shopping?

Products Ratings" or "Products Reviews"are the user reviews of both products and online stores. But did you know that these evaluations can be taken into our campaigns? Google Shopping?

Products Rating in Google Shopping
Products Rating in Google Shopping

As you can see, in Google Shopping we can show reviews not only of our products, but also of our store. How can this help us to sell?

By displaying these ratings in the comparative of Google Shopping we can increase our relevance in this environment, achieving increase our CTR and, therefore, as long as the percentage of conversions is maintained, so are the sales.

Google takes approximately eIt takes about 20-30 days to transfer these opinions to Google Shopping. and start displaying them there on a regular basis.

This is very good, taking into account that the effort and investment required to provide this information in Google Shopping are quite low, aren't they?
The second thing you need to know is that this option is only available in Google Shopping. The Products Ratings in PLA are only available for UK, Germany, France, Japan and Australia..

Products Rating in PLA
Products Rating in PLA

 How to take our Products Rating to Shopping?

To get our Products Rating to appear in Shopping we just need to two things:

1.- Obviously, a Ratings system in our e-commerce, which allows the user to value and rate both our products and our store.
2.- Fill out a application form through which we ask Google to take into account these user validations to be shown in Google Shopping.
Unfortunately, in Spain Google only recognizes the following product review aggregators as Partners:

For this reason, it may be the case that the company with which we collect user reviews on our website is not a Google Partner, so that they cannot be taken to Shopping using only the form.

Even so, we continue to have the option of transferring these user opinions to Google through the development of a data feed of product reviews or "product reviews".Google Products Rating Feeds".
The specifications for the elaboration of this feed are explained in a Google help link.

To be able to elaborate this type of feed we have modules that can improve our work and simplify it a lot. For example, for Prestashop we have the "Google Shopping Product Ratings Feeds Module".

Once we have this feed we only have to get in touch with Google's specialized personnel in this sector (Google Product Ratings Team) and request that they activate the upload of this data feed to our Merchant account.

Easy, isn't it? Then let's get to work.

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