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New Combined Report - Google Merchant

As of October 1st, Google has made available to advertisers a new report in Google Merchant: the Combined Report.

This report provides a summary of the most popular products on Google Shopping that we are not yet advertising and seeks to address the real need for advertisers to know, in ever greater depth, what the competition is doing.

It also includes a comparison of the prices set by the different advertisers for those products that we are not promoting in our website. Google Shopping. We will be able to view this summary for various Google product categories. You can currently choose from a list of 10 options.

Combined Report

And we can even select different subcategories.

Combined Report (2)

How can this help us?

- We can obtain information about the popularity of certain products and consider adding them to our stock. - We can to assign the optimum price to our products taking into account the market reference prices (5) shown in the report.

Access the Combined Report

To access this report, simply scroll down the left-hand menu in Google Merchant to the "Combined"and immediately the report shown in the images above will be displayed, in which we can interact to select which category or subcategory we are interested in analyzing.

Within the report, there are seven columns, including one with the images of the advertiser in Shopping, the product brand, the title, the description and, the most important column, the list of e-commerce advertising this product in Google Shopping with the prices set by each of them.

This new feature seems to be an incentive for advertisers to include in their data feed the tag "google product category"This is not mandatory at the moment but is recommended and is presumed to be essential to appear in this type of report.

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