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Search Network

The ads on the search network are characterized (like those on Google Shopping) byuniting supply and demand,that is: they will be displayed only when a user makes an intentional search for a product or service.

And this is exactly what makes it so important to have an elaborate structure in the search network: so that our ads appear at the moment when a user is showing interest in purchasing a product or service that we offer.

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We have the experience to develop the strategy that best suits you.


Why is advanced management important?

Search ads allow you to rank ads for as many keywords as you can imagine. However, it is extremely important to know how to select thosekeywordsto avoid investing in terms that will not give us results.

Likewise, once the keywords have been selected,constant analysis and optimizationwill be key to squeeze out the investment as much as possible and achieve the established objectives.


At Geotelecom you will find specialistswith the experience and knowledge necessary to draw up the strategy that best aligns with your project, regardless of the phase it is in, implementingstrategies such as:

  • Thorough keyword selection.
  • Creation of campaigns by product.
  • Remarketing applied to search network.

Both manual and automatic analysis of the performance of thekeywords, thanks to tools developedin house.

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