Segmenting in Google Shopping by mailing list

Last Thursday (July 14), Google announced a new update regarding Google Shopping: the option to segment by mailing list...

For regular Adwords users, this new possibility will be somewhat familiar, as let's not forget that last year the internet giant launched the segmentation lists with mailings for the remarketing campaignsThe tool allowed us to reconnect with users who had already visited our website and were included in a mailing list (not only with those who visited the site, who are included in the AdWords or Analytics RMK lists, but also with those who are, for example, subscribed to our newsletter).

And this is precisely the main advantage of being able to segment by mailing list: targeting shopping campaigns to the right people. audience of greater value to the business (subscribers to the newsletter(e.g., previous purchasers, customers of physical stores, etc.). It is clear that the possibilities offered by this update are immense, but how does it work?

Steps for segmenting Google Shopping campaigns by email 

First of all, it is necessary to upload a list of e-mail addresses that we have in our database that corresponds to the customers that we want to impact more strongly. This database will have been nurtured with the e-mails that we have obtained through promotions, subscriptions to our newslettercustomer files, customer records, buyers registered on our website, etc.

Then, the system will set matches between users who are logged in to Google and the list of e-mail addresses and, when those people perform a search related to one of our products or services, they will be shown our Google Shopping Ads.

Since these are people who are very valuable to our business, we will be able to adjust bids in light of the fact that they are more likely to convert. It goes without saying that the data security of potential buyers is guaranteed during this process. In this simple way, we will be able to create a campaign aimed specifically at this group of people and set the bids that we believe are most convenient to obtain the desired results.

Thanks to these lists, in addition to the advantages we have already mentioned, it is very easy to increase visibility of our brand and our products among this group of people who are so valuable to us.

This new possibility of segmenting in Google Shopping will not be enabled until the end of the summer; however, there is the possibility to register and test the beta version. At Geotelecom we can't wait to put it into practice, can you?


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