Google changes Display's Mobile Device Targeting

The changes do not stop at Google. In the middle of summer (for the clueless) and with almost no time to breathe, yesterday we received an email with modifications in the Segmentation for Mobile Display Devices and the exclusion of sites. These are:

  1. The exclusion of
  2. In the same manner, the exclusion of Non-interstitial GMob Mobile Application.
  3. Simplify the device segmentation (Facebook style). Each one of them, PC, Mobile and Tablet, will have differentiated the different locations for segmentation. We will decide whether to show our ads on them or not, selecting or de-selecting. Of course, depending on this configuration, the traffic increase in Apps will be significant, or not.

Segmentation for Mobile Display Devices

When will segmentation for Display Mobile Devices change?

This will be effective on September of the same year 2018. That leaves just over a month to go! We will tell you how to proceed before day 1 so that everything is in order.

Steps to follow in Display Network campaigns:

  1. Remove exclusions.
  2. Let's go to the campaign settings > additional settings > devices > set up device-specific targeting.
  3. You will see that everything is selected by default. We simply remove the ✓ in the locations where we don't want it to appear.

Device Targeting for Display
Finally, you can review the Exclusions in the other orientations such as Topics', 'Demographics', 'Locations', 'Audiences' or 'Keywords'. to make sure you have everything correct. Don't forget the Content exclusions in the campaign configuration itself. (In this case, the non-interstitial GMob option will be disabled soon).

As other tips, we must take into account possible modifications in the bidding strategy if any of these campaigns is in ROAS or Target CPA. If, on the other hand, they are on manual, we must also think about whether to keep the upgraded CPC. As previously mentioned, it is very likely that traffic will grow.

This is all for the moment, but we will never know if in less than a minute Google will announce another new feature. We suggest you to stay tuned to our Blog so you don't lose track of it!

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