SEO Audit

Knowing the status of your website is essential to develop a good SEO strategy. This is where SEO audits come into play. we analyze in depth technical aspects of your website, the content and its loading speed to identify all points of improvement.

Like SEO agency, our main objective is to provide effective solutions to the errors and problems encountered.. We elaborate a prioritization of tasks focused on improving your online visibility and positioning your website at the top of the SERP.

Why are SEO audits important?

To carry out a good SEO strategy that will help us to position your website, it is essential to carry out a SEO audit that puts us in situation and with which we can know the state of the web or ecommerce in which we are going to work. 

We conducted a analysis of the keywords that are being used in your domainThe quality of the content, the structure you are implementing and the experience you are offering to users.

SEO audits are essential for identify the areas of improvement that can boost your web positioning and online visibility, as well as, increase quality traffic and reach your audience more effectively. 

In Geotelecom we work to position your website and to opt for the top Google rankings. Request more information about our SEO audits and get started now. 

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Key points of a web audit

Keyword Research

We perform an analysis of the most relevant keywords in your sector, which allows us to know how users search for information related to your business.

Internal and external linking

We review the internal linking of your categories and pages, as well as your current linkbuilding status (link network) and referring domains.

Web architecture

During the SEO audit we review the structure of the pages to ensure that a logical and hierarchical organization is followed.

HTML tags

We analyze HTML headers (H1, H2, H3...), as well as Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions to analyze their status and detect possible errors or duplications.


We evaluate the structure of your website and if it has a responsive design for different devices, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Off-Page SEO Strategy

We analyze your social media presence, external links and other actions that affect your online visibility. We offer you personalized recommendations

What do we analyze throughout the process?

Your main competitors

We look for your main competitors and analyze their position in the market. We carry out a study of your main competitors in your business niche in order to detect opportunities.

We compare the keywords on which your competitors are ranking and determine which of those we should also target. We also perform a approximate estimate of the level of traffic each competitor is attractingThis helps us to set realistic medium-term objectives.


competitive analysis
indexing and crawling

Indexing and crawling

During the audit, we perform an exhaustive study of your website to look for indexing problems that may make it difficult for search engines to find and display your content. These include, we check the famous 404 errors (deleted pages), blocked URLs in the robots.txt file or canonicalization problems.

If we find any problem, we offer fast and effective solutions so that your website is indexed correctly.

User Experience (UX)

Providing a good user experience will make them spend more time browsing your web site. and, at the same time, will attract many new ones. 

In the audit, we examine the overall experience offered by your site, such as ease of navigation, accessibility and usability on different devices. If there are areas for improvement, we will provide you with concrete suggestions to optimize the experience and encourage interaction.

web speed
duplicate content

Duplicate content

The SEO content writing is essential to position your website correctly and increase your visibility onlineThis will allow you to have a clear and defined strategy when creating the contents of each page, category or product of your site. 

We identify any duplicate content that may negatively affect your SEO and will provide you with strategies for your content is unique and of high quality.

Benefits of an SEO audit

Detect problems

During the audit we perform a thorough analysis of your website, where we detect indexing problems, files that slow down the loading speed and duplicate content, among others. With all this, we create a prioritization list of tasks that must be addressed to solve the identified problems and optimize your website.

Generate opportunities for improvement

In the SEO audit we identify areas of improvement for your website. We uncover opportunities to optimize your content, improve site structure and increase search engine visibility. This allows you to make informed decisions on how to improve your SEO strategy and reach a wider audience.

Develop an SEO strategy

Through the detailed analysis of your site obtained from the authorship, you get information about the current performance, relevant keywords and the effectiveness of your content. This information is essential to develop a results-oriented SEO strategy, which serves as a guideline to work with.

Increased competitiveness

A well-done SEO audit gives you a competitive advantage. By addressing problems and prioritizing opportunities, you'll be standing out in the digital arena. This way, you'll know that your website is optimizing efficiently and you'll be preparing it to compete in the online world.

From auditing to SEO consulting

Once the SEO audit has been carried out and the failures and improvements have been identified, we will start with the SEO service. SEO consulting to carry out the necessary actions. From technical adjustments to content optimizationOur team of experts is responsible for executing each planned task with precision.

SEO consulting is not just a recommendation, it is a necessary 100% action. We implement the strategies we have outlined together, working side by side with you to increase your online visibility. At every step of the process, we keep you informed and give you a clear view of how these actions are contributing to your digital success. 

consulting help

We analyze your website and improve your positioning, contact us!

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