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SEO Consulting

In Geotelecom, we boost your web positioning and visibilitymaximizing the performance of your site. We are an SEO consultancy where we help you to optimize your website and reach the top results in Google.

Organic SEO is key to the success of any ecommerce or lead page. Our SEO consultants will work on getting to know your business and understanding your needs, creating an 100% customized strategy. We conduct a detailed analysis of your competitors and your target audience to identify opportunities and develop effective practices that drive your business forward.

SEO is not a short-term strategy, but a continuous optimization. That's why, we provide you with constant monitoring, strategic adjustments and updated recommendations to maintain your positioning and face any changes in the digital landscape.

What is SEO consulting?

Appear in the first results of Google is something that every ecommerce or lead website wants, but how do you get it? 

This is where SEO consulting comes in. Our job is to help you improve the visibility and positioning of your website. in search engines, making your website stand out from those of your competitors.

As SEO consultants, we carry out an exhaustive analysis of your website and your competitors. From this information, we develop a customized strategy to optimize your business and increase your online visibility.

Throughout this process, we conducted a research of the most relevant keywords for your business, optimize your loading speed, improve the structure of your web siteWe create unique and quality content and increase the authority of your domain by using strategies of Link Building.

Keyword research

We conduct a research of the most relevant keywords for your business. We optimize your content strategically and with quality information.

Technical analysis

We evaluate the architecture and technical performance of your website. We optimize speed, navigation, page indexing and URL structure.

User experience

We optimize navigation on different devices and users' calls to action, increase their dwell time and conversion rate.

Web indexing

We make sure that the main pages are indexed correctly. We work on the goals and URLs along with the keywords.

Types of SEO consulting

SEO Technical Consulting

At Geotelecom we focus on the technical aspects that affect your visibility in the different search engines. Our SEO consultants will analyze aspects such as tags and headers, loading speed, site structure, indexing, mobile optimization, and more. and other technical factors that can influence your SEO.

Content consulting

Quality content is essential for SEO success.  We optimize your content, structuring it in a logical and appropriate way, making use of Keyword Research. and providing quality information to users. In addition, in the content writing we also take care of writing and publishing articles in your corporate blog. 

Link Consulting

External links are essential to improve your authority and web positioning. We help you develop an effective link building strategy, identifying link opportunities, establishing relationships with other relevant websites. We also take care of creating an internal linking network within your website. 

Web migration consulting

Website migration can be a complex process full of technical challenges. At Geotelecom, we offer the following consulting services web migration for help you identify errors and minimize any negative impact on your traffic and visibility. By addressing these problems in advance, we can prevent the occurrence of 404 errors or incorrect redirects.

Tasks we carry out during the technical consultancy

Analysis of technical problems

We identify and fix technical issues that may affect your search engine performance. This includes checking site structure, broken links, indexing and loading speed, among others.

Menu optimization and web architecture

We organize the content logically, use relevant keywords and facilitate user navigation for a good browsing experience, which is also valued by search engines.

Lead tracking and metrics

We implement tools such as Google Tag Manager, to collect important data about the performance of your website. This allows us to measure and analyze key metrics such as traffic, conversions and user behavior.

Shopping cart adjustments in the checkout process

We make sure your cart is optimized to facilitate the conversion of users into customers. We make technical adjustments such as optimizing checkout buttons, simplifying the checkout process and improving security.

We perform an SEO audit of your website

Before starting our consultancy, it is essential to perform an analysis of the current state of your website. To do this, we carry out a SEO audit where we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your websiteThe areas that require improvement and the opportunities that we can take advantage of.

During the SEO audit, we examine the structure, link architecture, quality and relevance of the content, search engine indexing and your web performance. 

In carrying out this audit, we get a clear picture of the current situation of your website and establish a starting point from which we can begin to work.. This allows us to carry out a personalized SEO consultancy focused on your specific needs and objectives.

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