Local SEO 5 tips to increase your visibility

1. Local SEO and the importance of location

First of all, it is indispensable to know the fundamental basis of the organic positioning to understand the impact of Local SEO in any business. This is none other than a set of strategies oriented to increase visibility of a website in the results of search It seems easy, doesn't it?
Local SEO, on the other hand, is a extension oriented to improve this positioning, but based on a very important aspect: the location. As we know, search engines are trying to offer users results more and more useful and efficient so, through our approximate geographic position, you can filter the content displayed and offer services or businesses near us.

2. Important questions

Once we know what it's all about, the question arises: "what kind of queries users have to make for Local SEO to show up". It is obvious that not with all searches we will be able to see these results. Mainly, they can be found with phrases such as: "locksmith", "lawyer at...", "restaurant near me", "furniture store", etc. Depending on this type of words we can find sites such as the following:

  • Physical stores
  • Law firms
  • Services (locksmith, mechanic, marketing agencies, etc.)
  • Places of common interest (educational centers, banks, governmental entities)
  • Bars, restaurants and many more.
  • Leads Websites

3. Where the results appear:

Depending on the type of search, we can see the results in one way or another. There are three main types:

A. Local Pack.

This shows a small section of the map (based on your location) where it indicates relevant points where you can find what you are looking for. In this case by typing "digital marketing" we will be able to find agencies based on our geographical position.
local pack

B. Local ABC Pack 

This one, although similar to the previous one, stands out for assigning a letter to the important locations. This is to show the different options of the same service, which in this case are banks. It is a way to make it easier for the user to find what he is looking for and is closer to his position. As seen in the image, each point has its own summary information and two options to go to the map or to visit its website if it has one.

local abc pack

C. Local Finder/ knowledge panel:

It is mostly displayed when the user searches for the specific name of the site or website. It is distinguished by showing a detailed block on the right with the most important data of that site, highlighting as VERY important the user reviews.

seo local geotelecom


4. What information is relevant

Increasingly, browsers such as Google's are giving more importance to the quality real content and its utility for the user. In the world of SEO this is our daily bread. Therefore, we want to highlight the information that is vital for your Local SEO:
Consistency of data (NAP:name-address-phone number): the main contact details must be the same on the web as in the search results and must be completely real.
-Reviews: yes, the users are the most important thing and the experience they have had with your business as well. A bad purchase or bad service can mean a very negative feedback and remember "users are like a school of fish." and go where they see security.
-GMB categories: choosing your main category is also essential. Keep in mind that you will appear in results related to your activity. Also, don't forget the keywords to widen your range of possibilities.
-Quality of content: let's sum it up in a simple way-> quality data = better CTR

5. Platforms

At this point you may be wondering "well, I want it, how do I implement it?" . There are different platforms to increase your visibility.

  • The first is Yelp for companies. This tool has a simple interface and focuses on the full potential that you can get out of it with the customer interactionYou can respond to any comment or request for information on your website in a few minutes.
  • The second we would like to mention is Bing places. Although this browser is not the most used in the world, it represents an exclusive percentage in many market sectors, so there is less competition. Basically, to create your profile you must comply with three stepsClaim your business listing, complete your profile with relevant information and verify all your data.
  • Finally, a Google platform could not be missing: Google My Business . It is a tool that allows you to keep "control" over the information displayed in the results. It is very easy to use, since it asks for the most important data in a few steps. We have to choose a main category that defines our business and from there we can play with our keywordsThe best part? You don't even need a website to get started. This platform gives you the option to create a landing simple through templates so you don't fall behind your competition.

In conclusion, this SEO strategy is an ideal option if you want to stand out locally. You don't need to have excessive knowledge, just consistent information, quality content and very, very happy users.

If you have doubts about how to optimize your website, we can help you with Local SEO audits and services that will help you get your business up and running.


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