Device settings in Google AdWords

Google has heard our prayers!!!! Since this morning we have been able to see how, gradually, we could make bid adjustments by devices (not only mobile as until now, but also PC and tablets) in an increasing number of accounts.

This hypothesis had been in the air for quite some time, and the forecast was that these adjustments would start to be active for the month of December. However, this time Google has gone ahead of expectations and offers this opportunity starting today (it is not yet active for all accounts, but the number is gradually increasing).

Device Bidding Settings
Device Bidding Settings

What new opportunities does this type of adjustment open up?

The fact of being able to make adjustments per device in Google AdWords has one major advantage, and that is that from now on it will be possible to create device-specific campaigns. Until now we could not, for example, create a campaign only for mobile devices, but this is an option that is already present.

In addition, we will be able to control more exhaustively the budgets and bids per device in each of the campaigns, but only in the Search Network campaigns. Google AdWordswhich is where this option becomes available.

Seeing Google's speed in implementing these device-based settings in Search Network campaigns, we are starting to wonder when this option will also be available for Google Shopping we are already looking forward to it!

Update 08/24/2016 (Settings by Devices in Google Shopping).

If last week we brought you this great news in search campaigns, today we can confirm that Google has listened to us. The different settings per device have started to be enabled in search campaigns. Shopping of several accounts.

Time to optimize campaigns based on performance per device or create device-specific campaigns!

And you, do you already have the Device Settings enabled in your accounts? If so, we hope you can find a lot of utilities, if not... Patience! in a few days the Device Settings will be enabled for all accounts.

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