Google Shopping Spending Requirements

Attention Advertisers! The deadline set by Google for the correct configuration of the shipping costs at Google Shopping.

If you recall, a little more than half a year ago Google published a series of requirements and specifications necessary in the data feed of our e-commerce to be able to advertise on Google Shopping.

The main topic of discussion was the obligation to include in our data feed the GTIN of a set of products from a list of products that are not included in our data feed. designated marksHowever, the following appeared at the end of the publication:

We have decided to expand the shipping cost requirements a SPAINThe update will allow users to see the total price of products. This update is an advantage for both the seller and the users, as they will be able to see the full cost data, which can translate into increased conversions for your company. 

Specifying accurate shipping costs can become quite a complicated task, so we have decided to allow more time for this implementation (which will start to be applied on February 1, 2016).

Since this is not an immediately applicable measure, many advertisers did not give it importance and, therefore, may find that in a few days their products will no longer appear on Google Shoppingif they do not configure the shipping costs correctly. Google even states that:

After the deadline (February 1, 2016), data from non-compliant products may be rejected and removed from Google Shopping.

If this happens, it could have very serious effects on our ecommerce, causing, among other things, our revenues to plummet.

We We have already started to work on it, and you, have you already updated the shipping costs in your ecommerce data feed?

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