Social Ads

We manage your advertising campaigns in any social network. from start to finish. It doesn't matter if you have to start from scratch, we take care of the set up! What we do care about is to try to make every investment profitable.

The social media advertising will allow you to reach new audiences and find other sales channels that you had not even considered for your business.

Why advertise on social networks

85% of users between the ages of 12 and 74 use social networks.according to the iab Social Networking Study. Taking into account this data, it is very possible that your target audience is among some of these platforms, so why not try to reach them?


Before starting to work with your business, we audit your accounts to know in what state the business is in, how it has worked previously, what errors have been seen and how to improve management. Knowing the history of the account will allow us to learn from mistakes and know the behavior of the audience to make an ad hoc value proposition.


We optimize your campaigns under the magnifying glass of ROAS, that is to say, the return on investment looking for the optimal profitability for the client. Through a conversion funnel structure we will convert cold traffic into sales.

Optimization of your product catalog

Using your product catalog we will be able to create different sets of products by categories, prices and features and then create specific campaigns or ads to show those products to a specific audience.

Lead generation

We create registration forms to capture leads, get information from your audience or simply increase the number of subscribers to a database or application.

Support for your organic strategy

The content of your account may be good but it doesn't get the boost it needs to reach your target audience. Using organic posts as ads will increase interaction, followers and conversions.

Social networks in which we work

If increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of your digital marketing efforts is your primary goal, this service is for you. We help you build stronger customer relationships, save time and resources, and facilitate informed decision making through detailed data and analytics.

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Ads in Meta

When working with ads on Facebook and Instagram, the social networks par excellence, you will find a wide range of audiences.

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Ads in Tik Tok

The social network that sets the trends and is characterized by its infinite scroll makes it very addictive. You can spend hours and hours viewing content on it.

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LinkedIn Ads

Although it is a social network very oriented to the work environment, it is the ideal place if your company is focused on the B2B market, thus expanding your network of contacts.

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Ads on Pinterest

Unlike other social networks, in the case of Pinterest, the image wins over the video format. It is very oriented to the world of decoration, furniture, recipes, renovations, stationery, skincare and beauty.

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Spotify Ads

It may not seem like a social network, but the truth is that music also generates communities and we spend many hours listening to it. Spotify offers an ad platform where you can promote your business.

How we work in social Ads


Before starting to work, we audit your accounts to know in what state the business is in, how it has worked previously, what errors have been seen and how management can be improved. Thus, we know the behavior of the audience to make an ad hoc value proposition.


After the audit, analyzing the structure of the account and its potential, we will make a proposal with several scenarios that fit your business objectives.

Set up

Once the proposal is accepted, we will get down to work. To do this we will have to make a series of changes and checks such as, for example, granting us access to the account or verifying that the measurement and payment method are correct.

Campaign optimization

We will manage the campaigns on a day-to-day basis making the necessary changes to obtain the best results as well as solve routine problems that may arise.

Analysis of results

Trial and error. What works in one account may not work in another. That is why we work testing different strategies, formats, audiences and campaigns to draw conclusions and make changes with the objective of the previous point: optimize the account.

Ads on social networks and also on Google!

In addition to managing your Instagram and Facebook adswe stand out in the execution of campaigns in Google Ads. Optimize your online presence, strategically position yourself where your competitors already do and increase the chances of conversion.

From the creation of attractive ads on social networks to the implementation of efficient Google Ads strategies, we provide a comprehensive experience. In addition, we take care of the management of your social networksensuring a consistency in the direction of your business objectivesWe are your digital marketing agency 360º!

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