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8 strategies for Black Friday at Data First

As November approaches, the eCommerce world is gearing up for the exciting time of Black Friday. 

To this end, Connectif has made a treasure trove of data-driven strategic recommendations. of Data First experts in which one of them is a strategy developed by one of our company's professionals, Monica Monge. 

In this post we will reveal the eight strategies and we will detail the one we have developed in Geotelecom so that you do not lose any sale for your eCommerce this Black Friday.

8 essential Black Friday strategies from Data First experts

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we will list below exactly what these strategies consist of:

black friday data first strategies
connectif black friday

Our favorite strategy, strategy 5, has been developed by our account manager from Marketing Automation departmentMónica Monge. It is nothing more and nothing less than giving your customers the opportunity to feel different and, above all, to have fun trying their luck.

But what exactly is the purpose of using this hook? The RFM. This is how Monica puts it:

rfm black friday

Empower your customers with the lucky roulette wheel

With the lucky roulette, you can offer a unique and personalized experience to all your website visitors during Black Friday and, at the same time, you will achieve a wide range of benefits for your ecommerce. As a curiosity, this is one of the most important gamification techniques in marketing.


Data First experts recommend defining different actions according to the RFM value of each user. For example, you can ask anonymous users to provide their email to receive a discountThis will help you increase your contact list.


For repeat customers, on the other hand, it could be a free shipping code if they spend a minimum amount, which in turn will help you increase the average value of Black Friday sales. 


Here on the right is an example of the lucky roulette designed by our agency to give you an idea of how simple (and beautiful) it is to achieve multiple objectives while entertaining your Black Friday shoppers with a fun and rewarding experience.    

black friday gamification

Workflow to launch a customized lucky roulette wheel

In this workflow you can see how the lucky roulette wheel was created for visitors with a low RFM value.

Using Connectif's "Split" node, visitors are shown the different versions of the roulette wheel with different prizes that can be used during Black Friday. 

This workflow can be replicated for any type of audience to reach the necessary target, be it Black Friday or any other date. 

workflow black friday

And it's that simple! Thanks to this strategy, you can carry out similar campaigns adapted to all types of customers, themes and business objectives.

If you want more information about the other 7 strategies to warm up your ecommerce engines for Black Friday, click on the following button to access the Connectif drive: 

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