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When talking about Relationship Marketing, it is necessary to emphasize that people no longer buy products, but they buy values and stories around a brand. But what exactly is Relationship Marketing? The concept refers to the set of strategies whose objective is to establish lasting and valuable relationships with customers, ensuring that they are satisfied and end up being loyal to the brand to the point of becoming promoters of it. That is to say, it is a business strategy whose The main focus is on the customer's opinions and expectations.

Relationship marketing encompasses several phases, ranging from brand building and dissemination, prospecting, loyalty building to the creation of authority in the market. In this post we will focus on customer loyalty and certain aspects that will add value to your brand.

Online strategies 

E-mail marketing

It is one of the most powerful tools of relationship marketing that aims to establish a close relationship with the customer. Some of the actions that can be performed are:

  • Welcome email upon registration: we build loyalty from the very first moment.
  • Offer relevant content to the customer.
  • Send brand consolidation campaigns.
  • Inform about new products, encouraging cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Congratulate the customer on important dates. Do you know that a special date is coming up for him? Go ahead!
  • Offer special promotions, discounts, bonuses or gifts.

Satisfaction survey:

It is a data collection technique that helps us to know the opinion, impressions, purchase experience and expectations of our customers. To carry them out correctly it is necessary to take into account 3 premises: -Intentionality: What do we want to achieve with the survey? -Brevity: Are all the questions really necessary? -Partiality: Are any questions confusing, are we communicating clearly with our customers? FORMATS



-Higher response rate -Possibility of bias depending on the location and questions selected -High cost of human deployment-Lower response rate -Lower cost -Alternatives: e-mailing, social networks, website form, cell phone



High cost -Low response due to saturation of campaigns -High cost -Low response due to saturation of campaigns-Located in specific points such as physical stores where you answer the survey at the end of the purchase.

Loyalty programs

It is a marketing strategy established by a company in order to reward and reward the purchasing behavior of customers. Some examples where these actions are seen are: -Greeting cards. -Personalized communications. -Discounts. -Gifts. -Points per purchase. -CRM (Customer relationship management). Cross-selling. -Call center. -Customer club.

Product customization

Personalization is the set of strategies and actions that enable us to offer a differentiated product and service offering for each customer. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the who and not on the what, giving the protagonism of the campaigns to the consumers instead of the products. A clear example is the case of TostaRica cookies where each user has the possibility to customize their own cookies.

Social networks

Social networks are a tool key to bringing customers and companies closer together. Through them we can to know opinions, solve questions, resolve complaints and involve users in our brand.. Nowadays, being present in the main networks is a basic strategy of relationship marketing, since it is a great opportunity to create quality content, communicate messages and conquer new audiences. The production and communication of this content must be personalized in order to make the customer feel unique and to avoid the message being massive and inconsequential, something that would arouse very little interest. If we implement this strategy correctly, we will get followers to become customers and even become brand ambassadors by sharing publications or interacting with ours.

Cross-selling and up-selling

Up-selling or additional sale is a sales technique in which the customer is offered, just before the end of the purchase process, that purchase a higher-end product or service that provides value to you and exceeds the buyer's expectations. The ultimate goal of this technique is to try to sell that product or service that leaves us with the highest profit margin. An example would be to offer the pack format. In other words, why buy just one movie if you can get the whole saga, which is made up of three movies? The pack format is very effective in getting the user to buy two or more products. On the other hand, cross-selling or cross-selling is a selling technique in which a complementary product is offered to the customer to the one you are going to take with you, which does not necessarily have to be of a higher quality. For example, if a TV or computer is purchased, the customer may be offered to buy a wireless headset. It is recommended that the complementary product should be significantly less than the product the customer is buying.

Offline strategies

Some recommendations that we make in this section are:

  1. Care and personalization of packaging.
  2. Surprise with a personalized detail.
  3. Include a thank you card for the purchase.
  4. Send a magazine and/or catalog to the customer.
  5. Letters by correspondence addressed to the customer.
  6. Telephone calls and SMS messages to inform about promotions and discounts.

At Business Intelligence we help our clients to take their business to a higher level, thinking about their users and implementing different knowledge and online tools. As information related to all the above mentioned, we can add a post that our colleague Enrique made in which he tries to explain the Inbound Marketinga concept that is very close to relationship marketing. 


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