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Bufete Navarro y Navarro: heirs' searchers

In June 2021, we started working with the law firm Navarro y Navarro on the organic positioning of their website made with a proprietary php development. A somewhat old website, but well built, with a good web architecture, but difficult to update and content management.

An advanced keyword study offered us the opportunity to learn about terms that legal professionals use in their day-to-day work, all of them related to the search for heirs and the problems associated with the lack of known heirs to a property. Our target were estate administrators, notaries and neighborhood associations.

We start with contents very focused on heir search and was extended to the semantic field of inheritance, with all the terminology of a law firm dedicated to the processing of inheritances and successions.


What were the objectives?

Rank in the top 3 positions in "heir search".

Obtaining property leads without heirs

Brand recognition and increased domain authority

Migration from in-house development to an agile and easy-to-use content platform.

Results achieved in one year

Increase in visits from the organic channel in one year
+ 0 %

Increase in sessions in one year
+ 0 %

Lead growth
in one year
+ 0 %

Increase in new users
+ 0 %

What tasks do we perform?

1. Create heir search pages in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Bilbao.

After keyword analysis, localized searches by city were recurrent. The client was asked to create landing pages for localized searches in the main Spanish cities. 

The landing of the cities were associated with the location of the Navarro y Navarro branches in each city, with a Google Maps tab to boost local SEO.  

apartments without heirs in Madrid
specialized content for Navarro and Navarro

Generate specialized and valuable content

We discovered that our target audience was interested in legal issues related to inheritance crimes, aspects of probate genealogy, and complex inheritances between cousins and nieces and nephews. 

The customer was approached to write in a useful and friendly way for the non-specialized readerThe legal concepts, not only for the sector, explaining and detailing legal concepts such as trusts, legacies, inheritance, usufruct, legitimate and kinship diagrams.  


3. Migrate from in-house development to WordPress CMS

A migration from an in-house development to the WordPress CMS was performed, linking the existing blog to the new development of the firm's website

This resulted in a well designed and well optimized website in loading speeds by the developers of Navarro y Navarro. We also got a blog full of valuable content and ads focused on precise terms and campaigns. All this has resulted in an increase in visits and leads in forms and calls, which indicates that the improvements had a very positive impact on the user's experience with the website..

seo de navarro y navarro migration
what is linkbuilding how does it work

4. Create a content and linkbuilding calendar

We decided to buy sponsored links in the media and as content was created on a weekly basis, related topics within the same semantic field were also expanded. 

The own queries from Internet users left in forms and GSC's analysis gave us the clues to include content related to the purchase of empty apartments after the death of their owner without heirs, legal solutions to the squatting of empty houses, etc. 

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