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Perfumery and accessories

Sam Parfums: Fragrances and complements from the Canary Islands

Sam Parfums is the trade name of a chain of perfumeries and accessories stores based in Lanzarote since 1969. 

Specializing in perfumes, handbags, jewelry and cosmetics, they have 7 stores distributed around the island. We started in June 2021 to work on the technical SEO of your website, we started optimizing the crawl budget and working on the indexing of your website with 5 languages. 

After optimizing the Robots.txt file, generating specific sitemaps for each language, we analyzed the main keywords, in 5 languages, that supported the search intent of a sector with a lot of competition and quite saturated with online stores. 

What were the objectives?

Increased sales in European countries

Increase in average order

Strengthening Sam Parfums brand awareness

Highlight in the online ecositema of perfumeries in the Canary Islands

Results achieved in one year

Increase in revenues from the organic channel in one year
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Increase in
sessions in one year
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Growth of
in one year
+ 0 %

User uploads
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Tasks performed

San Parfums team training

Sam Parfums' marketing team had in 2021 two people dedicated to introducing new products on the web, receiving orders, labeling and shipping products to the only agency in Lanzarote with the structure to send orders to Europe. 

We conducted several training sessions focused on writing product goals and descriptions with a clear conversion intent. We worked together with the team to reorganize product categorization, and establish a working mechanic for product rotation. 

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Optimization of title and category goals

Sam Parfums has a high rotation of beauty and health products by season and new accessories such as handbags and jewelry. It remained to optimize the main categories and perform the internal linking between sections of the website. 

The task had just begun. The translations and optimization of category and product targets required research of organic terms in France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, and the English language.

Eliminating duplication and redirecting obsolete products

Years of adding products, disconnecting products, deleting urls and republishing meant having a huge amount of urls that were once visited, but no longer offered a 200 code. 

Establishing a correct faceting and filtering of products, eliminating and redirecting obsolete products towards novelties and new launches, significantly increased the Urls in the top 100 and associated keywords. 

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sam parfums web geo blog

Blog content translated into 5 languages

How to increase brand awareness among European users? 

Offering valuable content in their language. Publishing product reviews and beauty tips in 5 languages. Creating a monthly publication schedule and measuring the impact and visits from European countries. 

Through a translation API, we automate the translation of blog posts into 5 languages, positioning relevant terms in Italian, French and German. 

The whole internalization process has been accompanied by Google Ads campaigns in 4 European countries. Reinforcing the branding of the brand and placing some stores of perfumes and accessories of a small island of the Canary Islands in the European markets of fragrances and cosmetics. From Geotelecom we continue working with Sam Parfums.

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